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  • Hi. I'm Amy...a photographer here in Houston, Texas. Families, babies and children are what make my heart sing. I like to think I catch the divine in the ordinary using natural light and everyday settings. My style is pretty simple. It’s a dab of traditional (for my youngest clients) mixed with modern lifestyle portraiture, indoors and out. Candid shots are my favorite. I want to capture a child’s spirit and a family's personality, even if that's not traditional smiles. My #1 goal...to photograph families in real life, not something that was imagined or 'created'...to not just tell a story or get a certain 'shot', but to tell your story though a collection of photographs, capturing all the joy that fills your soul. The greatest satisfaction for me, is knowing when you look at these photographs years from now, they will radiate of all the splendor that your children have brought to your life and will offer an heirloom of memories for generations to come. If you want photographs that are a little different and are not afraid to let lose a little with your kids, then I most certainly am the photographer for you! Just click that little contact tab above and let's book your session. ;-)

Houston Texas Child Photographer

I’m all about getting mom into the pics these days.  This session was really focused on this amazingly wonderful 10 month old and rest assured we got some lovely photographs of just her in a handful of outfits and such.  ;-) But at the end of the session, I had to ask if mom wanted a few pics with her daughter.  I mean, it does not hurt to ask, right?  What’s the worst that could happen?  That I could be told no way, Jose.  hehe  Well, for me, I’m willing to take a chance and throw it out there….’mom, do you want to be in a few photos?’

This awesome mom didn’t even hesitate and was like, ‘sure!’. YAY!  We literally spent about 5 minutes get a few shots and I am so glad we did.

Moms, I want to encourage you to consider getting in more photographs with your kids. I think I will say it until I’m blue in the face.  ha!  But trust me..if I did not think it so important, I wouldn’t  make it almost a mission in life.

So, of course, I had to share a couple of these ‘mommy and me’ pics that I took as we were wrapping up our session.

No fuss…no stress…just some authentic, sweet moments between a mother and her daughter.

Houston Texas Child Photographer

Houston Texas Child Photographer

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Houston Family Photographer

Occasionally, I come across an image from a session and basically fall in love with it all over again.  Many times it is one shot that does not necessarily ‘fit’ into the collection of images…instead, it stands out on it’s own independent of all the other images from the series.

This was one of those images.  It was taken nearly 8 months ago.  I won’t even begin to try to explain all that surrounded this image but I just had to share because I don’t recall me sharing it before.

There is so much I love about this image.  The angle, the authentic smirk on this beautiful baby girl’s face..the fact that she was not giving up her ‘lovey’ for any photos…hehe…so many things that I adore.  Hopefully you find some wonder in it as well.

It was indeed lovely in color, but black and white just really radiated with me this time.  What do you think??

baby photos the woodlands

Houston Family Photographer

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Houston Baby Photographer {dear child blog circle}

Our little buggy,

you have so many little nicknames these days…buglet, buggy, buggy boo….funny bunny….where does mommy come up with these silly little names?  Mommy just pulls them out of the deep blue sky, I’m afraid.  There is no rhyme or reason to them yet.  Many times I do call you by your birth name, which I’m surprised because your daddy picked it out.

At only 8 months old, you, of course have given and brought so much joy and happiness to your mommy’s life, but I can’t deny that what has been the absolute most wonderful part of you being here with us is seeing your daddy beam with the most abounding love for you every day.  To witness such, makes mommy more happy than you can ever understand and I only pray that if our God sees fit for you to have a child or children of your own one day, that you will have even a tiny bit of the adoration for them as your daddy does for you.

We love you so very much baby bugaboo and so enjoy watching you grow!


{these camera were taken of us with the self timer on my camera. our little guy is a very curious one so, at least when he is in the mood, he is very interested in the camera and wants to ‘watch’ it.  great for me when we are taking photos like this. hehe}

baby photographer houston

This post is a part of a ‘dear child’ circle I am not a part of.  Please share the love and check out the next letter and post here.


Houston Baby Photographer

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oh my! Amy these are beyond beautiful! and your Buggy Boo is adorable xoxo!


such a beautiful post Amy, you have captured everything a mother could wish for.

Skills with the self timer! Love these images! You letter made me giggle. What a lucky little guy he is to have sweet parents like yourself!

Monica Martinez

Seriously. Red hair. Baby. The moment. Beautiful just beautiful


These are so sweet :)

Houston Family Photographer

Okay…so it took every bit of self control I have to not just put ALL the photos from this session into a blog post.  It has been so incredibly gloomy around here…what seems like the winter that will never end, which for Texas is not the norm.  It make even the best of us sort of sad and slightly depressed.  Don’t worry…this is NOT a sad post.  HA!

So, I did these pics about a month ago and as I am looking at them again (also to get these beautiful babies on the blog) they make me so insanely happy….for a couple of reasons.  Number one, because this is the 2nd time I’ve had the honor to photograph this family…and it just makes me beam with abounding joy when I get to see clients every year and document their children growing.  Second, this family is so cool and easy going.  They (like many parents) love their sweet baby girl so much that there is no way one can deny the adoration just being around them for only a few minutes.  I admit, I am privileged to witness these sorts of emotions with many of my clients.  I guess it is a lot of luck, really…to have such amazing clients.  Hey, whatever it is…I am so grateful!  And thirdly, as I am reminded of our session through these photographs….that the weather that day was just splendid and the light was just spectacular.  Such a sun filled session was a great reflection of this family….happy rays of sunshine.  ;-)

I’ve missed the sun so much these days.  As I write this post, it is actually the first day in (what seems like ages) that I do actually see a bit of sun outside…which makes my heart sing.  So fitting that I am sharing some of these images with you today.  Hello sun…so nice to have you around again!

Be sure to scroll down to see the last and final shot of our session.  I think it should be titled, ” I’m done taking pictures.  I’m leaving with or without ya’ll”  HA!

baby photos the woodlandshouston family portraitsthe woodlands baby photography

Houston Family Photographer

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Such awesome color in these! Great work. Super cute family too!

What lovely family photos! The colors and the light are great! I love how you carried that yellow in with the flower.

Saw your link on Snap maven…. I love the colors here, it looks so warm and there’s happiness all around. Great job!



Beautiful! Sadly we are still months and months away from sun!

Maxine Evans

Beautiful family!

Houston Baby Photographer

Being that it’s Valentine’s week, we are thinking of all things red.  Raspberries came to mind.  I never liked raspberries until a few years ago.  I know…weird. HA!

So here we are being a little silly and of course….life is short…gotta have a little fun, right?  The idea was to get him real happy eating the berries…but he had other plans.

Not only was he not a fan of the berries, our little buglet was not too enthused about having ‘dirty’ hands either…HA!

Needless to say, our ‘raspberry session’ lasted about 2 minutes and we got a couple of good shots.  ;-)

houston baby photographer

Houston Baby Photographer

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Oh my goodness those cute little baby feet!!

Baby Photographer Houston Texas

I guess I am semi bipolar.  These days I am loving black and white images.  Maybe because I am doing more photographs of my personal life and those more often than not, I am loving in b&w over color.  But again, as I said recently, don’t worry..color photographs are my first love so don’t expect too many of these full black and white processed posts, but for this particular session, I loved more of the images in a somewhat ‘moody’ b&w than color, so I just decided I would do an entire post without color for fun.  ;-)

I met this sweet momma in a Bradley Birth Class while we were both pregnant.  What a great class it was (I highly recommend!!) and how nice to acquire a new friend from it too! <3

Thank you guys for a fun session!

Baby Photographer Houston TexasBaby Photographer Houston Texas

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Newborn Photography Houston Texas

Such a lovely couple.  First baby…young love…hehe…I can say this because they are so much younger than me.  What a wonderful time in a person’s life…so many milestones happening in almost a snowball like fashion.  It has been said that after you are married and have children, life just becomes a blur.  I can relate these days….it’s like our lives are in fast forward mode.  Trying to savor it all can often be a daunting thought.

More the reasons that photographs are so fantastic. They capture all the moments that are often times forgotten.  I mean, surely, we would love to be able to recall every single detail about our child’s life, but let’s be real…our brains can only retain so much info…hehe.  Anyways…not to be a broken record or anything…but seriously….have your family’s photographs done at least every couple of years.  You will not regret it.

Okay…back to these beautiful photographs.  This was such an easy session.  This family was just so in baby bliss and I was happy to have the opportunity to photograph their family during this most exciting time.

And does she have the most amazing hair…ahh…ever!!  I mean, I thought our little guy had some pretty nice hair when he was born…and indeed, he did, but this sweet baby girl’s hair really takes the cake.  :-)

child photography the woodlands

Newborn Photography Houston Texas

houston baby photographer

Newborn Photography Houston Texas

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Lillie Seifried


When I first thought about how this session was going to be, I was kind of worried that we wouldn’t know what to do and just look forced or that my minimalistic home looked nothing like you would see in a magazine as most of our stuff was in boxes.
But you came in this with this whirlwind of happiness and energy that just immediately made it all feel so natural. It was as if you were just a friend in the room with us. I almost would forget the camera was there. By the way I love my mirrors how you set them now! It just seemed to go by so fast as we learned so much about each other. I love these photos more than I can say. We were in baby bliss and I am thankful that you did these for us. I never want to forget this moment.

Thank you again. You have a forever client.

Houston Baby Photographer

Yes…I’m still working and have many clients on my calendar, but the blog may me updated very little for the next few months as I continue to try to find my mojo…if I even have any to be found.  hehe  I don’t want photography to just be my ‘work’, I want it to be my life.  I’ve always struggled with being identified as an ‘artist’…I mean, it just sounds so creative.  Honestly, I never thought myself to be really…I mean, REALLY creative.  Sure, I can take some nice photos…most of my images straight out of camera are pretty darn good….and I have some above average people skills which certainly helps when shooting subjects…but when it comes to being artsy…well, I’m just not, but I long to be.  So, over the next few months, using my sweet baby boy as my model in many cases…and my home…and just the little things in life…I want to be as artsy as I possible can.  May sound silly, but hey, I am a little silly at times.  HA!

With that being said…it leads me to these next photographs…

Unlike (I would dare say) about 99% of the family photographers I know…I became a professional photographer before I became a parent.  The funny thing about this is that most people that have hired me over the last couple of years just assumed I had kids, which would be a very natural assumption because I photograph babies, kids and families.  I’ve always been a natural with kids…maybe it is because I’ve been around children from before I can remember.  I think I was changing diapers when I was like 10…and cloth diapers at that….the old school ones with safety pins…yep…I’m that old. hehe.  I babysat a lot growing up and volunteered on a regular basic at church working with kids.  At one point in life, I actually got my teaching certification and was going to teach school…but that’s another story.

Just when I thought I had really found my groove with photography, I became a mom.  Just this last June…on Father’s day actually, my husband and I welcomed our son into this world.  And sure, I’ve taken a good amount of photographs of the little guy since birth.  I really can say that I’ve not been a fanatic because first and foremost, I wanted to focus on being a mom, not a photographer.  But the dust of his arrival has settled quite a bit these days.  He is seven months and counting now.  And here I find myself with this new found love for photographs that I never had before.  I feel more free to just do different things.  Not anything too crazy.  I am a traditionalist at heart, really.  But I am feeling more inspired lately and wanting to play more with shadows, angles and composition.  And what better practice than photos of my own family.  ;-) Plus, I practice what I preach when I tell moms to get in the pics with their kids because I think it is so important.  And so, I make sure I get in the photos too.  ;-)

There is this window in my house and this mirror…for the longest time I’ve wanted some sort of photo of a reflection in the mirror.  Today I decided I would stop just ‘thinking’ about these photos and actually take them!  It was a little more complicated than I originally thought it would be, but it only took two tries before I got it just how I saw it in my head.  Anyways…I liked this first shot in color, but this other one, I liked in b&w.  What do you think?

family photography houston tx

My sweet boy…already so curious…so smitten with your surroundings….almost as smitten as we are with you.  <3

baby photography houston

{ Houston Baby Photographer }

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Maricruz Marin

you have captured pure love Amy. You are such an amazing mother.


I don’t think I’m ever in enough pictures with my girl. But I’m in love with the b&w shot!

your work is beautifully amazing! xo

Houston Family Photographer

If you saw the post I posted a few days ago (which is just below this post actually) you may have been thinking the new ‘me’ was all about dark, dramatic black and white photographs now…but as I mentioned in that very post…that is so far from the case.  And while I am going to break outside my mold for a few images here and there, please take note that my very first love is and will always be full color, clean edited images…the same images that make up most of my site here. ;-)  Anyways….does this session reflect fun and emotion??  I hope so!So you take a super sweet momma….two angelically happy daughters…(no joking) and then one amazingly accommodating and fun dad….and not only to you have the perfect recipe for a great session, but also sends the photographer…that would be me…hehe…over the moon with happiness for such an easy family to photograph.  Now look…don’t worry if you don’t consider your children ‘angelic’.  hehe  I can (and have) worked with a variety of personalities…from the super serious…to the super silly.  Rest assured, we can and will still get the most beautiful images of your family! I promise!  Ask anyone…my patience level is extremely high.  Plus, I think every child has an ‘angel’ side…and I’ll do my very best to find it and capture it!! ;-)

Houston Family Photographer

family photography the woodlands

baby photos the woodlands

 Houston Family Photographer

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