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Family Newborn Photographer Houston: newborn, baby, child photography in Houston, The Heights, The Woodlands

One this is for sure.  The arrival of your very first baby is an experience that will never be repeated.  Sure, with every addition of a child, there will be grand celebration and joy, but the first will always have a most special place in a parents heart. What was once only two, now becomes three or sometimes a few more, hehe, in the case of multiples.  But you get my point.  Everything and I do mean everything chances forever.

While it can be so stressful for many to think about newborn photography ahead of time, it is so often most ideal. It’s not so much the idea your choice of photographer might not be available, yes, that is certainly a concern, it’s more about how likely you will not be feeling up to photos after birth.  I’d say most new moms do not feel ‘photo’ ready, rest assured that in the years following, you will look back on such precious images with such happiness overall. Rest assured, no one has ever said, ‘oh how I so regret having photos done with my baby/child’.  Just like I have never and I mean, never, heard anyone say they ever regretted having photographs taken of their family. So as a mom, if you can plan ahead and commit to the photos beforehand, it is so helpful I think.  Then you are sort of preparing for the session.  Trying to plan for such after the baby has arrived often times does create undue stress for parents.  Just some things to consider when thinking about newborn photography.

How about this gorgeous new family of three.  😉 <3

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Scary Mommy Tip: Everyone loves a newborn, and you’ll no doubt be getting lots of offers of help. New moms have a tendency to be somewhat territorial, but don’t be stupid. You have plenty of time with your baby, ACCEPT EACH AND EVERY OFFER OF HELP! The offers don’t last forever, and soon enough you’ll have to pay by the hour for childcare. Take the free help while you can get it, or you’ll regret it.

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Houston Family Maternity Photos

Houston Family Maternity Photos: newborn, baby, child photography in Houston, The Heights, The Woodlands and Spring.

It was not that long ago I met this precious momma and her husband when she was pregnant with this most handsome little fella.  I remember chatting with them about how my husband and I had moved to the burbs, going against our ‘we can never live outside the loop’ ramblings.  ha!  And to think we moved to the burbs before we were even considering a baby.  I know, crazy. Well, I can honestly say that while I do miss all the food and grocery options in town, I really enjoy our life in the burbs.  Okay, I digress. Back to this family. We had this whole conversation about the suburbs and then low and behold, they were already sort of thinking about moving.  So here they are, another suburban family who are now a family of four. 😉  Little sister was born quite a few months back now. I’m just a wee bit late on posting this momma’s gorgeous maternity photos.  I know, I know…shame on me.  Hey, like I always say, better late than never.

Houston Family Maternity Photosfamily photos houstonbaby photos houston

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Houston Family Portrait Photographer

Houston Family Portrait Photographer: newborn, baby, child photography in Houston, The Heights, The Woodlands

As a Houston Family Portrait Photographer I get to meet so many lovely families.  I’m like a broken record saying this, I know. HA!  It was such a pleasure to meet this family for the first time last year when this gorgeous mom was pregnant with baby brother (shown here).  I was so happy to hear from them again this year to photograph their new family of four.  However, was so sad to hear they would be moving very soon to another country to be closer to their family.  Of course, I’m so happy for them and so glad I had the chance to  photograph them before they left one last time.

Just a side note here.  While I normally do like to have our photo sessions at sunrise or sunset for the more soft (safe) light as I will call it, it is certainly possible for me to shoot your family session at almost any time of day.  As was the case with this session which began at 11am. Many photographer would not even consider a session at this time of day.  However, I’m not like all photographers.  If your kids are in the best mood at a certain time of day, please let me know and if we plan strategically our location for the shoot, we will still get some lovely photographs.

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Houston Family Photography

Houston Family Photography: newborn, baby, child photography in Houston, The Heights, The Woodlands

I can recall like it was yesterday meeting this momma for the first time when we met to discuss me photographing the birth of her daughter.  This is her daughter now.  Time flies for sure.  I recall getting the call as I was on a walk with a friend that Mrs. S was delivering her sweet baby #2 and being so excited to be there to photograph the event.  What I found super fabulous with this momma was she was so comfortable and laid back at her birth.  It was a glorious day.  At that time, I was actually pregnant with our son (only about 13 or so weeks at the time) which made photographing this birth so extra special.  This momma also is super cool because she and I share in many of our parenting ways.  It is so refreshing to get to know moms like Mrs. S who are so genuinely kind.  Well, fast forward a couple of years as my son is now three and look at this beautiful family of four.  The best thing about this most lovely family is that they are not afraid to have fun during our sessions.  It’s all smiles as you can see! Even dad doesn’t mind being completely silly with his kiddos.

Just a reminder to stay tuned for the ‘Photos with Santa’ information which will go public sometime in September.  I will be posting the details here on my blog and also on my Facebook page here.  For now, the dates of the Santa pics will be Saturday, Dec. 3d and Saturday, Dec. 10th.  It is possible I will open up one day in November as well, but not sure when that will be yet.


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Family Photographer Houston TX

Family Photographer Houston TX: newborn, baby, child photography in Houston, The Heights, The Woodlands

As a family photographer Houston TX, I get to meet some really great folks.  Really, such wonderful families that share their time and selves with me.  Does my heart good to witness moms and dads enjoying their kiddos.  Trust me, I’m aware that life is not always a bed of roses and parenthood is hard and life is messy.

But because there is also such tremendous joy and love that abounds between parent and child, I want to capture that for you!

Just as is the case with most sessions of families I’ve not met before, the kids are often times a little shy and hesitant with me.  Rest assured, they come around eventually because I have persistence like no other and the patience of a saint.  😉 I think it funny how in this second image, this dear baby girl is like, who are you and giving me the ‘I am just not sure about you’ look.   Then, the final image in the end, well, you can clearly see she came around.  They always do.

By the way, I’m already booking up for Holiday 2016 photo sessions, so if you want to snag a session with me this year, please don’t delay in contacting me.  Thank you!

conroe family photographerFamily Photographer Houston TXhouston family photosI love this little quote I found.

“Without you there would be no me.
I am everything reflected in your eyes.
I am everything approved by your smile.
I am everything born of your guidance.
I am me only because of you.”
― Richelle E. Goodrich

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