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About me…
  • I’m a wee bit of a DIY addict. My husband and I have tackled some beyond crazy remodeling in our 17 years together.
  • I smile a lot…I know it’s annoying to many, but I have much to be joyful about.
  • Spending time at the fabric store or the plant store will always put me in the best of moods.
  • I love vanilla cake and ice-cream.  Man oh man, I seriously could eat them daily.  But I don’t.
  • Far too often what makes complete sense in my head comes out verbally like I’m basically delirious.
  • My vice is chai tea.  I’m an addict.  It makes me so happy.
  • Audio books have become one of my new favorite things.
  • I hate exercise, but I do it because well, I’m 44 years and two littles now; gotta keep up with them. ha!
  • I believe you should only have things in your home that you love or the things that help you do what you love. Get rid of everything else.
  • I really enjoy sewing.
  • I’m not good at following directions. To my demise, but such is life. 
  • I tend to be very silly at times because really life is too short!
  • I’ve become quite the sourdough bread baker. Need starter? hehe.
The beginning…

I grew up in the most quaint town in Texas with the most incredible family and community a girl could ever ask for. Later went on to get my B.S. degree from Sam Houston State, because well, that is what you do right? Then moved to the big city of Houston on my own a got my first ‘job’. Met and married my amazing husband. After a trip to New York City in 2009 and a new dslr camera, I took up photography as a side business. Business really took off and life was pretty grand. In 2013, our world changed forever as we welcomed our son into the world. Then in 2017, we welcomed our daughter to complete our family. What a joy they are for us and now that I am a mom, photographing families has become even more personal and important to me than ever before.

A Family Photography Session with me looks like...

First and foremost, sessions with me are never, ever rushed! I strive to make each experience as stress free as possible. I have the patience of a saint (so I’ve been told, so I’m going with that 😉 ). I do have approximate time allotments for each session, but rest assured, I’m a tad flexible when it’s needed. With that said, I am really striving to be extra respectful of the time we have agreed upon these days. I’ve been doing this long enough that I can get ALOT of great shots in a pretty short amount of time on average.  While I’m very laid back and easy going overall, during a photography session with me, things might get a little wild and crazy.  Sessions with me include lots of activity and interaction with your children. I want to catch a variety of emotions from you and your child/children. What is most important to me is for you to look at the images and for them to bring a smile to your face. Sure, life is not always a bed of roses, but the photographs I want to offer you will at least be a taste of the many joys your children bring to your life.  I admit, I am a half glass full kinda gal. I take pride in creating ‘happy’ images. That does not always mean a full blown smile, but the overall feel of your gallery with me will be one that showcases the sweetest part of family. So be ready for lots of kisses, hugging, playing and being silly with your children during our session. My focus is on my subject and capturing human connections. Period. 😉

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