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So happy to have been able to photograph this family shortly after they welcomed their first born into the world a couple of years ago!  Now to have documented their baby girl becoming part of the family was just splendid!  I also enjoyed once again chatting with this mom about her birth story.  We had her baby girl at home and since I also had our son at home a few years ago, it was so exciting to hear about her experience. I admit, I’m a birth junkie at heart and oh how I miss photographing labor and deliveries.  Maybe one day I can offer such again when our kiddos are older. No matter how your baby makes their entrance into this world, it is the most incredible thing to witness and document for a family!  Even though I’m not photographing births right now, I would highly recommend considering such!  Message me and I can recommend some great birth photographers to you!

Okay…back to this amazing family! How super precious is big bro with little sister! I can tell you it is not the norm for a new sibling of this young age to be as engaged as this brother was!  Already so truly smitten with this new baby girl!  Then to really put some icing on the cake, this baby girl was quite possibly the most smiley newborn I have EVER had!  It was so much fun!  Last but not least…we got a little musician action before I left! Of course I had to take a few shots of big brother showing off for the occasion!  So stinkin’ cute, right!!!????

Houston Newborn Photographer

Houston Newborn Photographer

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Is is possible to love color images as much, if not more than b&w?  Well, of course. I’d say that I tend to prefer color photographs most of the time.  However, it’s a matter of opinion which is best.  I’ve had clients over the years want images in both color and b&w, of which I accommodated.  Then over time, I began to really appreciate black and white images more and more.  Currently, I give all galleries in color and black and white because of this.  Every so often an entire gallery of b&w images just really make an impact on me. This sweet families newborn session did just that!  So here I am sharing all my favorites in amazingly wonderful black and white.

I met this family not too long ago when big brother was still in his momma’s tummy.  I recall his mommas GORGEOUS hair of which I was basically drooling over the entire session. hehe  And also how adorable she was so pregnant.  Fast forward as I got to photograph big brother as a newborn.  YAY!  Such good times getting to spend a bit of time with brand new parents.  Then not too far in the future, here we are today and now we have a family of four!  A precious baby girl has made her entrance into the world and what joy she has brought to this home!  So happy to know these wonderful folks!

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Newborn Portraits In Home Houston.  It is nothing new really.  While there are many studios out there where you can go with your family for photographs, I prefer to photograph the smallest children in the most comfortable setting which in my option is your home.  No worry about rounding everyone up in the car with all the million items that are needed when you have a newborn baby.  Instead, you are able to just relax in the comfort of your own home and then I come and document this most emotional and exciting time.

I know what you are thinking.  I will need to have my home spotless before our session.  On the contrary, I’m able to work my magic pretty much around whatever is happening at your home.  Now, that may involve moving a few things, which I’m more than happy to often do myself to clear a good spot for us.  Fear not…you need not do anything except for have your family fed and even choosing your clothes can happen once I arrive and I’m always happy to help you decide if you are not sure.  No worries momma.  This is my motto before and during our photography sessions.  It’s likely impossible to have zero stress considering the circumstances, but really I can’t express enough how you do not need a ‘designer’ home for a really wonderful in home photo session.  And you don’t need a newborn for an indoor session at your home.  I offer regular child and families sessions at your home as well.  I’d love to discuss with you that option if you’d not considered such before.

Enough business rambling…how about this amazing family! <3

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Family Newborn Photographer Houston: newborn, baby, child photography in Houston, The Heights, The Woodlands

One this is for sure.  The arrival of your very first baby is an experience that will never be repeated.  Sure, with every addition of a child, there will be grand celebration and joy, but the first will always have a most special place in a parents heart. What was once only two, now becomes three or sometimes a few more, hehe, in the case of multiples.  But you get my point.  Everything and I do mean everything chances forever.

While it can be so stressful for many to think about newborn photography ahead of time, it is so often most ideal. It’s not so much the idea your choice of photographer might not be available, yes, that is certainly a concern, it’s more about how likely you will not be feeling up to photos after birth.  I’d say most new moms do not feel ‘photo’ ready, rest assured that in the years following, you will look back on such precious images with such happiness overall. Rest assured, no one has ever said, ‘oh how I so regret having photos done with my baby/child’.  Just like I have never and I mean, never, heard anyone say they ever regretted having photographs taken of their family. So as a mom, if you can plan ahead and commit to the photos beforehand, it is so helpful I think.  Then you are sort of preparing for the session.  Trying to plan for such after the baby has arrived often times does create undue stress for parents.  Just some things to consider when thinking about newborn photography.

How about this gorgeous new family of three.  😉 <3

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Scary Mommy Tip: Everyone loves a newborn, and you’ll no doubt be getting lots of offers of help. New moms have a tendency to be somewhat territorial, but don’t be stupid. You have plenty of time with your baby, ACCEPT EACH AND EVERY OFFER OF HELP! The offers don’t last forever, and soon enough you’ll have to pay by the hour for childcare. Take the free help while you can get it, or you’ll regret it.

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Houston TX Family Newborn Photographer: newborn, baby, child photography in Houston, The Heights, The Woodlands

As a Houston TX Family Newborn Photographer, I get to meet many new families with fresh arrivals.  However, what’s the absolute most satisfying part of my job is that I get to see families grow over the years as they add little people.  This family is no exception.  I’ve lost count of the photos I’ve taken of this very pretty family.  Over the years this momma and I have had so many lovely chats that each time I see them, my heart is so full.  What is so fab about the families I get to photograph are so darn cool just about everything! This makes it so much more awesome when I get to photograph them because they trust me to just do my thing.  <3

I want all of my photo sessions to really feel so natural and as genuine as can be conceding these are ‘portaits’.  A session with me means that I will do everything I can to make sure everyone looks their best in the photos by guiding everyone, but then allowing a lot of fluidity as well.  The best way to sum it up is orchestrated chaos.  I direct a little, but then I leave room for spontaneity and some surprise.  And sometimes I get lots of surprises and I celebrate that! 😉


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