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Houston Child Photographer

Mostly I’m a Houston Child Photographer, but also you could say really I shoot lots of families too.  In the last few years I’ve been finding my way as an underwater kids’s photographer as well.  When I began photographing children in the pool a couple of years ago, I had no idea how much I’d enjoy it.  Yes!  My first love is family photographs, but underwater pictures are slowly making a huge dent in my heart as well.

I’m almost ashamed to say that this session is from 2014. I know, I know.  So shameful they are just now be posted to the blog considering it is March 2017 right now.  ha!  As I mentioned to someone just recently, I didn’t want to flood my website with too many underwater sessions since they are only a small part of my portfolio.  Plus, it is a little odd to be showing water images when it’s winter time, right? HA!  I promised myself though that by this summer, I would be totally caught up on showcasing all the many underwater photography photos that have been held back from the blog.  You’ve been warned. haha

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Houston Child Photographer

Family Photography Houston

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Houston Underwater Maternity Photographer

Houston Underwater Maternity Photographer…yes, you could call me that because I’ve photographed a few pregnant mamas in the pool over the last couple of years.  😉

For those of you who might be thinking you would like to have an underwater maternity session…awesome!  But let me just tell you it is no walk in the park and it’s not for everyone! It takes a serious commitment on my client’s part for sure.  Being able to look comfortable and relaxed under the water while pregnant has proved (at least for my clients) to be a real workout.  Underwater Maternity is not just about holding your breath and going underwater. If you are considering an underwater maternity photo session, please contact me as early as possible in your pregnancy so that I am able to really go over with you all the important details to ensure it’s a good fit for you well ahead of time.  Depending on my client, it is best to do this session at about 28-33 weeks along.  Most have a pretty good little ‘bump’ going at this time, but have not gotten to the ‘super uncomfortable’ stage just yet.  Because being in at least above average physical condition is vital as well, it is likely best for most not to wait until your final weeks of pregnancy.

How about this incredible mama’s pics!  😉  Love, love, love…if I do say so myself.

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Houston Underwater Maternity Photographer
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Houston Underwater Pregnancy Maternity Photography

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Kid’s Underwater Photography

I have so many Kid’s Underwater Photography sessions (regular ones too, I’m afraid) that are still in the ‘que’ to share from 2016…that is is downright shameful!  But fear not!  I’m committed to getting them on here because there are so many gorgeous images that deserve to be shared with the world. heheKid's Underwater Photographyhouston child photographerkid's photography houston txunderwater child photographyboy playing in swimming poolchildren's photographer houstonkid's underwater portraitshouston tx child photographerphotographs of child swimmingchild photographer the woodlandsTexas underwater kidsunderwater portraitschild photographs houstonphotographs of child underwaterhouston family photogrpaherfamily photography houstonkids photographers houston txfamily photos houstonhouston family portraitsswimming picschildren's photographerfamily photography houston txhappy boy swims in poolhouston child portraits

Underwater Child Photographer Houston TX

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Underwater Maternity

Underwater Maternity

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Yes it is late October and I’m sharing underwater pics. But hey, we live in good ‘ole Texas and it’s still in the 80’s and my pool is heated. 😉 So while I am not currently taking underwater kids clients, I am still taking underwater maternity clients.  So this post is still fitting.

This amazing momma came to me from a several hour long drive. This was seriously so humbling for me that she would have come so far for me to photograph her. Sure, I am honored and feel special when each of my clients hire me, but when someone makes a point to come from a place geographically so far away, I admit, I’m extra tickled pink. She did amazing don’t you think? So worth the drive. <3

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Underwater Photography Texas

Being part of the underwater photography Texas community, for which there are very few of us so I’m learning, has been such a fun adventure the last couple of years.  What is likely one of my favorite parts of underwater kids photography is possibly a curse for the masses.  So much of the outcome of underwater images relies on a variety of things.  Lighting being one of the largest variables.  What I realized this last season was how different light is in the summer months compare to the Spring and Fall months.  Huge variations in the look and feel of the images. It’s still such a learning process for me. Even though I’ve shot so many underwater photo sessions than I can count, with each and every one, I feel like I learn something new.  One thing that will surprise most is that 99% of my images are shot in ONE, that is right, ONE pool.  Yet in that one pool, I have gotten a huge gamete of different light and color. This would drive many photographers crazy, not being fully able to control the outcome of every image, but for me, I love the bit of unknown and celebrate it. This offers my clients a very nice variety in their gallery, but nothing too wonky of course.  🙂

I have soooo many underwater images still waiting to be blogged, but hopefully I will be caught up soon….maybe by next year…but don’t hold your breath. hahaha.

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