Underwater Photography Texas

Being part of the underwater photography Texas community, for which there are very few of us so I’m learning, has been such a fun adventure the last couple of years.  What is likely one of my favorite parts of underwater kids photography is possibly a curse for the masses.  So much of the outcome of underwater images relies on a variety of things.  Lighting being one of the largest variables.  What I realized this last season was how different light is in the summer months compare to the Spring and Fall months.  Huge variations in the look and feel of the images. It’s still such a learning process for me. Even though I’ve shot so many underwater photo sessions than I can count, with each and every one, I feel like I learn something new.  One thing that will surprise most is that 99% of my images are shot in ONE, that is right, ONE pool.  Yet in that one pool, I have gotten a huge gamete of different light and color. This would drive many photographers crazy, not being fully able to control the outcome of every image, but for me, I love the bit of unknown and celebrate it. This offers my clients a very nice variety in their gallery, but nothing too wonky of course.  🙂

I have soooo many underwater images still waiting to be blogged, but hopefully I will be caught up soon….maybe by next year…but don’t hold your breath. hahaha.

underwater kids photographersUnderwater Photography Texas

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