Children’s Photographer

It’s the most wonderful time of year. Or at least that is what everyone says, right? We are talking about the Christmas season. I don’t offer official mini session ‘events’. They are just not for me. I do offer a mini session though. I offer them year round, yep you heard me. Year round I offer these short sessions. I only offer these at my choice location in Spring Texas. This session is NOT at a location I have in Spring. This is a location near downtown Houston. Yes, it’s a lovely location. It has these really old, giant trees. I’ve photographed families at this Houston location since 2011! I used to live nearby this location. I am happy to photograph families at this location whenever they want, but do do so, one must book a ‘regular’ priced session. Just to keep that in mind as you are scrolling though my blog here. If you are one who really likes to ‘location’ pick.

I am so lucky that I have found some really lovely locations to shoot at in the Spring area where we live now. I will try to make a point to make note of ‘spring’ locations moving forward so folks can see proof of the amazing locations up on the north-side. But if you are drooling over this location, I’d love to photograph your family here! It’s worth the drive and extra investment.

Amy is a Children’s Photographer in The Woodlands, Texas