Houston Family Photographs Color or B&W?

In the world of Houston Family Photographs and photos for the entire family, there are many options to choose these days especially for photos for the entire family. Do you prefer color or b&w photography? The struggle is so real? I thought I’d have a bit of fun today with a post considering the holidays coming up. I LOVE color.  If you follow my photography, you will certainly know that I am not afraid of color.  However, I do love the simplicity of black and while photography.  It is just so classic and timeless. 

I think every child should have at least a few beautiful photographs in black and white of themselves.  When the holidays pass and I have some breathing room, I would love to show you the options within black and white photography.  You will be amazed at how different back end editing can create completely different looks…all in black in white.  I have to share this fun shot I took of our son last Christmas with his dad. I loved both so much that I wonder which you prefer?

You may be asking who is the most candid family photographer in Houston? Well, I’m not sure if I am the winner, but I’d say I’m in the top 5! If you are looking for someone to take some fun and unconventional photos of your kiddos at your home with Christmas lights, I’d love to chat! Be sure to check out my pricing page for some extra info so we can just talk about fun stuff when we connect. 😉 http://capturedsimplicity.com/how-much/ I’ve learned a few new tricks over the last could of years photographing our own kiddos….if you’d like to follow along side me in such, please head over to my Instagram feed found here https://www.instagram.com/capturedsimplicity/

You can see that I really like to have a lot of fun for the entire Houston family photographs. I pride myself in really catching the full essence of your child and their personality. If you are looking for Houston family photographs that are fun and candid, you have found the right photographer. If you are looking for someone who takes more formal images, well, I’m likely not for you and that is okay. Everyone has their own vision of their family photos.

If you are looking for Houston Family Photographs and like what you see, let’s connect!