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One this is for sure.  The arrival of your very first baby is an experience that will never be repeated.  Sure, with every addition of a child, there will be grand celebration and joy, but the first will always have a most special place in a parents heart. What was once only two, now becomes three or sometimes a few more, hehe, in the case of multiples.  But you get my point.  Everything and I do mean everything chances forever.

While it can be so stressful for many to think about newborn photography ahead of time, it is so often most ideal. It’s not so much the idea your choice of photographer might not be available, yes, that is certainly a concern, it’s more about how likely you will not be feeling up to photos after birth.  I’d say most new moms do not feel ‘photo’ ready, rest assured that in the years following, you will look back on such precious images with such happiness overall. Rest assured, no one has ever said, ‘oh how I so regret having photos done with my baby/child’.  Just like I have never and I mean, never, heard anyone say they ever regretted having photographs taken of their family. So as a mom, if you can plan ahead and commit to the photos beforehand, it is so helpful I think.  Then you are sort of preparing for the session.  Trying to plan for such after the baby has arrived often times does create undue stress for parents.  Just some things to consider when thinking about newborn photography.

How about this gorgeous new family of three.  😉 <3

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Scary Mommy Tip: Everyone loves a newborn, and you’ll no doubt be getting lots of offers of help. New moms have a tendency to be somewhat territorial, but don’t be stupid. You have plenty of time with your baby, ACCEPT EACH AND EVERY OFFER OF HELP! The offers don’t last forever, and soon enough you’ll have to pay by the hour for childcare. Take the free help while you can get it, or you’ll regret it.

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