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This may sound a bit strange, but I love the sort of “startled” facial expression of a newborn baby.  You know, a look of surprise mixed with the slightest bit of fear.  Truth be told, I love every expression of a newborn baby.  Yes, even the faces they make while crying, as they are just so honest, pure and REAL. I find them all fascinating.  It is in that “startled” look, however, that I really see how a newborn must be feeling the majority of the time.  I mean, can you imagine everything around you being new, surprising, scary, huge?  EVERYTHING.  ALL. THE. TIME.  You were floating around all cozy in the warm, dark womb of your mother just days ago and now BRIGHT LIGHTS, COLORS, MOVEMENT, SOUND…it’s all startling!  This is such a short period of time in which a baby experiences SO MUCH for the very first time and it is amazing to me how quickly they learn, grow and change.

This handsome guy is at the very beginning of his journey with his whole life ahead of him.  Very soon, it will take a lot more to elicit an expression of surprise and we will never again see the look that is so distinctly “newborn”.  These beautiful eyes of his, however, will remain with him the rest of his life.  Everything he experiences in life, he will see through them.  I think that’s strange and incredible to think about.  The same eyes with which you see yourself in the mirror now are the ones that looked out of the precious face of a newborn baby however many years ago…when you first took in the world with your own “startled” expression.

Houston Area Newborn Portraits

Houston Area Newborn Portraits

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