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Here’s the deal…there is no question that I am a ‘photo person’…I mean, come on, I am a photographer.  duh.  BUT I don’t necessarily think you should have only photographs displayed on every single wall, nook and cranny in your home.  Recently, I’ve discovered fonts and what you might call typography, which according to Wikipedia is the art and technique of arranging type.  So in my grey (?) attempt to be more creative, I have begun to create typography artwork from scratch (I know, who makes anything from scratch anymore..??) in Photoshop which is of one thing I could not be without!  So, years ago I remember Seal on the Oprah Show and he made this comment that has stuck with me for years, which I thought was so true, at least for those of us who are married.  He said, in referring to his wife, oh that blonde model Heidi something or other, he said, “Happy Wife, Happy Life”.  It was such a good point that to this day I use it as leverage with my wonderful husband, who actually thinks it kinda funny, but true.  Today I was thinking, why not apply part of what Seal said to apply to everyone, not just married people?  I do feel that a happy home-life can play a huge part in how happy you are in life, not to say that those whose home life is less than desirable can’t be happy people.  That is certainly not the case, but generally speaking, I think a happy home makes in a whole lot easier to have a happy life.  I can’t see anything wrong with that, can you?  Okay…back to the beginning.  I feel a house should be decorated with a wide variety of color and textures;  personal photographs and general art; throw in some life (aka people and some live plants and most important: memories.  lots and lots of memories) and poof!  You have a home.   In my desire to create a home of my own (my husband and I just recently purchased a gently used home) I want my home to include some typography art and have decided to make my own.  I created this art piece (below), which would be a printed canvas or could be printed and framed entitled, ‘Happy Home, Happy Life’.  Anyways, as a photographer I have these super cool templates for wall displays where you can just add your photo/images to the template and voi·là’, you have this beautiful room display.  You’ve seen them used on my blog from time to time.  They can be purchased from Ariana Falerini.  I decided to give you a better idea of how my new art would look in a home, what better than these cool wall display templates?  Without further ado, here is ‘Typography by Amy Leigh”.  😉

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