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Underwater Child Photographer

Yes, I’m an Underwater Child Photographer. I have been photographing kids underwater since 2014.  I’ve taken so many of these underwater pictures I’ve lost count…but somewhere in the thousands to get to where I’m at now. Anyway, I feel like I need to make a post stating that I have been very neglectful in blogging all my underwater sessions mostly because I don’t want to just flood the site with underwater photos since by on land family photography side of the business is my bread and butter. I don’t want to take away from that. Even while the underwater side of my biz has grown very much, it has been a quandary on how to incorporate the underwater into my site. So, while I’m still deciding how to do this, I am more actively posting my underwater images to my other Instagram account.  You can view many more of my underwater photos there even if you do not have the Instagram app. Check out many more of my underwater work here:

I book child underwater sessions starting in March each year through about September.

I am open for MATERNITY UNDERWATER photo sessions year round. 🙂

I at least have to have one underwater photo for this post. hehe

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Maternity Photographs Houston, Texas

I offer Maternity Photographs {in} Houston, Texas and also in the surrounding areas of town!

To be candid, I do not shoot a whole lot of (on land) maternity photographs as a whole. I do very much enjoy shooting them, but I really just don’t get that many request for them. But please, by all means…if you like my photography style and would like some pregnancy photography documenting this special time, please contact me! I would really like to do more maternity sessions!

With this client, I had the most fun taking advantage of this gorgeous mom to be and her handsome husband at a cool location that I’ve only shot at a couple of times, but really…really love!

Maternity Photographs Houston, Texas
Maternity Photographs Houston, Texas

I would love to photograph a family or two this holiday season at this location.  Let me know if you’d like this spot for your family photos this year with me! 🙂 Let’s do it!!!

Maternity Photographs Houston, Texas

newborn, maternity, baby, child & family photography in Houston, The Heights, Montrose, Bellaire, West University, River Oaks, Rice Village, The Woodlands & Cypress

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Houston Underwater Maternity Photographer

Houston Underwater Maternity Photographer…yes, you could call me that because I’ve photographed a few pregnant mamas in the pool over the last couple of years.  😉

For those of you who might be thinking you would like to have an underwater maternity session…awesome!  But let me just tell you it is no walk in the park and it’s not for everyone! It takes a serious commitment on my client’s part for sure.  Being able to look comfortable and relaxed under the water while pregnant has proved (at least for my clients) to be a real workout.  Underwater Maternity is not just about holding your breath and going underwater. If you are considering an underwater maternity photo session, please contact me as early as possible in your pregnancy so that I am able to really go over with you all the important details to ensure it’s a good fit for you well ahead of time.  Depending on my client, it is best to do this session at about 28-33 weeks along.  Most have a pretty good little ‘bump’ going at this time, but have not gotten to the ‘super uncomfortable’ stage just yet.  Because being in at least above average physical condition is vital as well, it is likely best for most not to wait until your final weeks of pregnancy.

How about this incredible mama’s pics!  😉  Love, love, love…if I do say so myself.

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Houston Underwater Pregnancy Maternity Photography

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Underwater Maternity

Underwater Maternity

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Yes it is late October and I’m sharing underwater pics. But hey, we live in good ‘ole Texas and it’s still in the 80’s and my pool is heated. 😉 So while I am not currently taking underwater kids clients, I am still taking underwater maternity clients.  So this post is still fitting.

This amazing momma came to me from a several hour long drive. This was seriously so humbling for me that she would have come so far for me to photograph her. Sure, I am honored and feel special when each of my clients hire me, but when someone makes a point to come from a place geographically so far away, I admit, I’m extra tickled pink. She did amazing don’t you think? So worth the drive. <3

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Woodlands Family Photographer

Woodlands Family Photographer: newborn, baby, child photography in Houston, The Heights, The Woodlands and Conroe

So thinking about this most amazing momma and her now three kiddos…I thought it appropriate to share with you all this funny article I read over at the Huffington Post.

With your first pregnancy, everyone had words of wisdom and wouldn’t shut up about how life was going to change. How come no one has words of wisdom about how parenthood changes with each baby? Things are so different with the third, and here are some examples.

1. Parenting Style:
Kid No. 1: You spend hours of your day staring at your baby and smelling her head.
Kid No. 2: You spend hours of your day being a referee to yet another one of their fights.
Kid No. 3: You spend hours of your day away from the kids, hiding in the bathroom or closet.

2. Date Night:
Kid No. 1: It takes you 20 minutes to say goodbye to your baby, and once you leave, you call to check in five times. In the first hour
Kid No. 2: You blow your kids kisses from the door and tell the sitter you’ll keep your cell phone on.
Kid No. 3: Leave specific instructions to only call if there’s a broken bone or blood.

3. Choosing a Name:
Kid No. 1: You research names on hundreds of sites and books, write out all possible combinations, and get opinions from friends and family.
Kid No. 2: Might as well name this one after grandma/grandpa. Arthur or Bea are fine.
Kid No. 3: On the way home from the hospital, you pass a street that looks pretty and decide to go with that: Berkeley it is!

4. Going Out:
Kid No. 1: Mommy and Me, My Gym, Music and Me, you name it, you’re signed up for it.
Kid No. 2: The park is really nice, why should you spend all that money?
Kid No. 3: The poor kid goes to the bank, the grocery store and some days, the liquor store.

5. Clothing:
Kid No. 1: Plus sign on the pregnancy stick! Time to shop for maternity clothes!
Kid No. 2: Where did you pack away those maternity clothes? Meh, doesn’t matter, you’re holding out as long as you can.
Kid No. 3: “Regular” clothes? What’re those? You only wear maternity stuff these days. And the baby is 2.

6. Your Kid’s Clothing:
Kid No. 1: Everything is brand new, washed in delicate soap and properly folded and put away in the matching dresser or hung on color-coordinated hangers.
Kid No. 2: Hand-me-downs are washed and haphazardly checked for stains.
Kid No. 3: It’s cool if boys wear purple polka dots, right?

7. Parenting Style, Part II:
Kid No. 1: Race to pick up the baby whenever she cries, whimpers or blinks.
Kid No. 2: Race to pick up the baby so he doesn’t wake up kid No. 1.
Kid No. 3: Did anyone hear that? Is anyone going to help the baby? [Someone goes to nudge the baby swing with their foot.]

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