Summer Sunset Houston Child Photographers

I met up with the ‘Y’ family and let me just tell you that they were so much fun!  This crew knows how to have a good time!  They just shine…all four of them.  And their mom is, well, as good as they come.  She runs a tight ship at home, but no doubt has a love like no other for these kiddos!  It was scorching out, but these guys (and gal) were happy to accommodate me (and their mother) for an hour for ‘pictures’.  I am certain they wanted to take pics.  It could not have had anything to do with a bribe of pizza afterward.  Surely not.  HA!  Well, whatever the reason, ya’ll were a joy to photograph!  I tried to change up my blog post a bit and showcase this family in a few collages.  ‘Hope you enjoy. 

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