Moments to Remember | Houston Newborn Photographers

There was a time when I thought being a good photographer meant that all your photographs have to be processed the same way.  “They” say, you’ve got to me consistent with your brand and people hire you for a look that is uniquely you.  Well, that is all fine and dandy in some slightly boring world.  ha!  I mean, there is no denying with a quick look at my portfolio that I like clean, bright, classically processed images.  I don’t mess with too many different trends in processing anymore.  Most of my images are consistent in post processing, but there is often one image from every session that just deserves a sort of different look when it comes to processing.  And this image was that image recently.  It just didn’t look right all super bright and bold in color.  Some might say the image is a little muted and that’s cool.  To me what is important is taking each image and making it the best it can be…and 99% of the time it’s one way.  The other 1% is better somewhat different and for me, this is okay.  What do you think?  I think it needs to be really big on canvas. <3

{And oh, by the way, this was shot at 6400 ISO.  Photographers, don’t be afraid to crank up that ISO to get the shot.  Just be sure to meter perfectly.}

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