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  • Hi. I'm Amy...a photographer here in Houston, Texas. Families, babies and children are what make my heart sing. I like to think I catch the divine in the ordinary using natural light and everyday settings. My style is pretty simple. It’s a dab of traditional (for my youngest clients) mixed with modern lifestyle portraiture, indoors and out. Candid shots are my favorite. I want to capture a child’s spirit and a family's personality, even if that's not traditional smiles. My #1 goal...to photograph families in real life, not something that was imagined or 'created'...to not just tell a story or get a certain 'shot', but to tell your story though a collection of photographs, capturing all the joy that fills your soul. The greatest satisfaction for me, is knowing when you look at these photographs years from now, they will radiate of all the splendor that your children have brought to your life and will offer an heirloom of memories for generations to come. If you want photographs that are a little different and are not afraid to let lose a little with your kids, then I most certainly am the photographer for you! Just click that little contact tab above and let's book your session. ;-)

A Super Fun New App for Making an Album with your iphone Photos

I recently discovered the coolest little iphone app.  I know, I know…there are so many awesome apps out there, but this one is not only super cool but so ridiculously easy to use.

Even though I always encourage professional photographs, I certainly am not naive to the real world.

And the real world takes pictures….and lots of them…with their phone.  I personally feel like the iphone camera is quite superior to other cell phone cameras, hence one of the many reasons I personally have an iphone.  Anyway, you’d be surprised to know how few photographs I actually have on my phone compared to that of most of the population.  However, I still have a good amount of fun memories captured in cell phone images.

And even though most of these images I would never blow up or print to display on walls in my home, I do still believe that many of them are worthy of being archived in print.  And I feel like little books are a great place to start with these images.

Which leads me to this app called the Mosaic.  You can check out there website here:  http://www.heymosaic.com/

The app is free of charge and you can choose up to 20 images that will be automatically placed into an adorable, simple 7×7 hardcover album.  It basically puts one image per page.  I particularly like these books because they offer such a clean, simplistic design.  The design that you don’t even have to think about.

Within about 3 seconds, your book is ready for print.  You just click to order.  And in less than a week and for only $20.00, you have the cutest little mini album with your iphone pics.

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Celebrating Your New Family | Houston Newborn {in home} Photography

I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoyed this session.  Such a laid back crew with the sweetest puppies, of whom they wanted in some of the photos, which if you know me, I was more than happy to oblige.  Upon first meeting this new mom & dad, I sensed just the most kind spirit and even though I was only in their home a couple of hours, the love was abounding. <3  Congrats to your new son and thank you for choosing me to be a part of this special time!

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LOVE! I love that the parents and pups are in so many of these newborn photos. I have newborn photos of both my boys, but my husband and I aren’t in any of them, and this makes me wonder if that was a mistake. Beautiful session.

Wonderful Family Photos at Any Season of Life | Houston Family Photographer

No matter what stage of life, it’s never too early or too late for family photographs.  I know many of you may be thinking…well, my kids are older now and (insert whatever reasons here)….but seriously, the time is now.  Life continues in fast forward mode and we can never get these moments back.  Consider professional photographs no matter how old your children are.  These moments are just as precious and should be documented too! :-)

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