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  • Hi. I'm Amy...a photographer here in Houston, Texas. Families, babies and children are what make my heart sing. I like to think I catch the divine in the ordinary using natural light and everyday settings. My style is pretty simple. It’s a dab of traditional (for my youngest clients) mixed with modern lifestyle portraiture, indoors and out. Candid shots are my favorite. I want to capture a child’s spirit and a family's personality, even if that's not traditional smiles. My #1 goal...to photograph families in real life, not something that was imagined or 'created'...to not just tell a story or get a certain 'shot', but to tell your story though a collection of photographs, capturing all the joy that fills your soul. The greatest satisfaction for me, is knowing when you look at these photographs years from now, they will radiate of all the splendor that your children have brought to your life and will offer an heirloom of memories for generations to come. If you want photographs that are a little different and are not afraid to let lose a little with your kids, then I most certainly am the photographer for you! Just click that little contact tab above and let's book your session. ;-)

I like to mix things up a bit.  Everyone has very different taste and so I enjoy doing some more unconventional wall displays because, well, I think it is fun.  ;-)

This is a cool mix of canvas and framed prints. This is a 20×40 panoramic canvas and three 10×10 photos in 14×14 frames.  You could certainly just do all canvas or all framed prints with this same design.

Please note that you can get these panoramic canvas, but because they are not really a ‘standard’ size, there are few places that offer them.  However, they do look very cool in certain spaces and should certainly be considered when displaying your photographs.  ;-)

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I admit….guilty as charged.  I love pretty much every session I photograph.  Furthermore, I love all the families that I photograph.  They are all so unique in their own little ways and they all have a special place in my heart.  Funny how I can remember pretty much every single family I have ever photographed and I can recall glimpses of our session together as well as faces and at least a handful of the photographs that were taken that day.  My memory, ironically is not all that great compared to many.  I do find it fascinating how much I recall the people I have photographed though.  Maybe because I am very much a visual person.  I remember what I see and also experience more so than not.  I do sort of have a point with all of this.  Once you have been a client of mine, you truly hold a special place in my heart.  I mean, you are a part of my life because you have allowed me into yours…if only for an hour or so.  Sure, some clients I am closer to than others.  It is only natural that those I see most often are even more special to me because I simply have had the chance to get to know them more.  Never the less, I truly, from the bottle of my heart…to sound so cliche’ here…appreciate each and every opportunity I get to capture memories for a family.  As I look back on photographs I’ve taken over the years it is wonderful how memories flood back from that particular session.  If the memories flood back to me and really, I am just the photographer, as many of my clients and I aren’t officially friends outside of work, then I know the memories for them surely come back tenfold.  Taking you back to a time in your life…even if it was just 6 months or a year ago.  Photographs are a wonderful way to spark memories that would likely have been forgotten, for the most part.  I’m so lucky to play a part in such.

So this particular family was, as most all my clients, such a joy to work with.  I had such a great time with them.  Hearing all about how they had somewhat recently fully remodeled their home and how becoming a parent had been for them and such.  Talking to new parents now has even a greater meaning for me since I personally have experienced such recently.  ;-) This family were so gracious and welcoming to me….to even share some special macaroons with me straight from Switzerland, which were oh so yummy.  Thank you guys for such a lovely time and I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I did taking them.

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For me, I really strive for natural, authentic photographs of your family.  I truly long to capture photos that will be enjoyed for years to come.  Certainly not all beautiful photographs have to include smiles.  Actually, I am trying to really embrace photos where there is not a smile.  It is hard because we are sort of engrained with this concept of only photos that reflect happiness are good.  But just typing that makes me realize how silly that sounds.  I mean, life if full because of not only happiness, but seriousness, right…??  And a bazillion emotions in-between.  Now look, you are not going to see a bunch of photos of sadness on here…not that those photos aren’t lovely and beautiful in their own right, but those are not the images **most** folks want and I get that.  Nor or those really the kinds of photographs I want to take, besides the occasional ‘out take’ where someone is unhappy.  I’ll most certainly get a few of those.  ha!

Anyways, I do have a point here.  Hang with me.  If you have been around here even for a bit, you will quickly see that I am not the photographer who will offer you a million photos of everyone looking at the camera in every shot.  While you can certainly find photographers that offer such, I am not ‘that’ photographer.  I do try to get a few shots like that, of course.  I enjoy photos where everyone is looking the camera as much as the next person.  However, a good friend of mine recently made a very good point, which I had never realized before, but found so very true.  I mentioned that there was just something very odd about a gallery of images where in every single photo, all the subjects were looking at the camera.  I couldn’t quite put my finger on why it was odd, it just was.

Then she made a somewhat profound statement about such galleries.

The subjects are interacting with the photographer and not each other.

Wow!  bam!  Just like that…I was like, YES!! That is exactly what it is.  That is why it seems odd to me.  I am a family photographer!  What I love most are connections and real emotion, which is much more than just a ‘smile’ or ‘happy face’ looking that the camera.  I love my clients interacting with each other, not with me so much.  Duh.  I couldn’t believe I never got that before.  Of course, there are exceptions…there are always exceptions such as individual photographs where I am most certainly getting my subject to react off me many times.  But surely you get my point here.  ;-)

Which leads me to photos like this, that I do love so much.  No one is looking at the camera, but yet it screams joy and emotion.  Sure, it just so happens everyone is smiling in the photo, sure, that surely adds to the overall ‘happy’ feel of the photo, but it is more than that.  It is full authenticity.   And these are the photos that will no doubt be cherished for years and years to come.

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And how about framing this lovely photograph in a 20×30 Organic Bloom frame.  So nice, right?

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{ birth, newborn, maternity, baby, child & family photography in Houston, The Heights, Montrose, Bellaire, West University, River Oaks, Rice Village, The Woodlands and Cypress, Texas }

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