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  • Hi. I'm Amy...a photographer here in Houston, Texas. Families, babies and children are what make my heart sing. I like to think I catch the divine in the ordinary using natural light and everyday settings. My style is pretty simple. It’s a dab of traditional (for my youngest clients) mixed with modern lifestyle portraiture, indoors and out. Candid shots are my favorite. I want to capture a child’s spirit and a family's personality, even if that's not traditional smiles. My #1 goal...to photograph families in real life, not something that was imagined or 'created'...to not just tell a story or get a certain 'shot', but to tell your story though a collection of photographs, capturing all the joy that fills your soul. The greatest satisfaction for me, is knowing when you look at these photographs years from now, they will radiate of all the splendor that your children have brought to your life and will offer an heirloom of memories for generations to come. If you want photographs that are a little different and are not afraid to let lose a little with your kids, then I most certainly am the photographer for you! Just click that little contact tab above and let's book your session. ;-)

Freshly Hatched | Houston Newborn Photographer

As many newbie photographers do, in the early days of my business I was just trying to find my way of sorts.  Just like learning any craft, you spend endless hours feeling a bit overwhelmed with the plethora of information and ‘stuff’ to learn.  For photography, not only do you have to learn how to work your camera, you are also learning Photoshop and post processing AND trying to learn what will be your style in both.  You are just photographing anything and everything….thinking that you have to be good at it all in order to be successful.  At least for me, the process was fun, but yet so mind boggling.  Throw into the mix the whole business side of things…choosing what your ‘brand’ will look like and how you will structure your pricing….and then how you will actually GET business and KEEP it.

It’s a lot of ‘stuff’…..it’s no wonder so many photographers do not succeed in the business. :-(

Anyway….when I began my business I easily got pulled into shooting the way I thought my clients wanted me to shoot.  At the time, I thought to be successful shooting kids and babies, I would have to have a huge arsenal of props and ‘things’ for each session.  I started my collection only to realize that this was not at all the types of photographs I wanted to take.  Even thought I could take these types of photographs, I simply did not want to.  They didn’t do it for me.  Each to their own.  Certainly there is a huge…and I mean huge market for the studio, very stylized kind of photo sessions, but I didn’t care about that.  It took only about two years or so for me to make the decision that I was going to get rid of all the ‘fluff’ in the pics.  I am not saying there is anything wrong with fluff….but it’s just not for me.  I currently have three bowls for newborn sessions.  That is basically the extent of what I would call ‘props’.  I have a few simple crochet hats and a very tiny selection of hair accessories, that are very small such as the one in this series, but basically that is it…well, not counting the countless blankets and wraps, but I don’t consider those props.  I like to use the wraps so that I there is no need to take off the babies diaper during the session and I think they look pretty without being distracting.

Why am I even saying all this?

If you are looking for a newborn or child photographer who has lots of props or fancy ‘set ups’, let me tell you that I am most certainly NOT the photographer for you.  I have some lovely photographers that I will gladly refer you to if that’s what you are looking for.  When I photograph your newborn, I want to focus on your baby and your baby only.  I want to create photographs that will be timeless in their simplicity.  Yes, there will be some simple ‘posing’ during in particular the newborn sessions, but more of babies in a natural state.  Some babies will fall into certain poses very naturally.  There are some poses that certain babies will have nothing of…I am not going to force it.  Now I may try it patiently a couple of times, but if your baby does not seem comfortable, we will simply move on to the next one.  :-)  And furthermore, I am not going to majorly Photoshop your baby/child’s skin.  I will take care of some imperfections, but your if you are wanting your baby/child’s skin to look like they have makeup on…I am not the photographer for you.  I like to keep your baby/child looking as much like they look in real life.

And recently, mostly due to the birth of our own baby boy, I am going to make a point in every newborn session to get at least one series of photographs with your baby awake and bright eyed.  So if you are looking for some beautiful, simple, classic photographs of your new arrival without any fluff (such as these) then I am totally your photographer!

Message me.  <3

Houston Newborn Photographer

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Houston Newborn Photographer
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Oh my! So precious! Love the color of the wrap too :)


I love how you are not like all photographer’s. The babies are so adorable and amazing.

Andrea Harden

Brings me back to when the girls were two..well I guess that was 14 months ago.. But they grow so fast and you can’t go back. Love this little one’s photos. Priceless.

Photos in Galveston, Texas | Beach Family Portraits Houston

I’ve said it many times before.  Shooting in full sun is really hard.  I mean really hard!  In particular when you are shooting a family with kids.  I would say that shooting an adult or teenager would be a much easier task.  Why you ask?  Well, when shooting in full sun, it’s so much more vital that the subject is in just the right spot and preferably will stay in that certain spot while photographs are taken.  With kids, it’s (as you can imagine) difficult to get kids to stay in one spot.  Plus, I don’t really want them to.  I prefer to shoot children in a more fluid,  natural state.  Within reason.  I’ll sort of get them in a general location, but then allowing them to just sort of ‘do their thing’ whatever that is at the moment.  I find that the most beautiful photographs are the ones that truly capture the personality and nature of your child.  There is not as much wiggle room as we will call it like in the case of shade, where the lighting is basically the same no matter where the subject is.  The very reason that I personally would always prefer to shoot at sunset or just before sunrise.  I shoot in full manual mode 100% of the time.  No joke.  I say this not because that’s better necessarily or to try to make it seem like I am all that.  I’m not by a long shot.  However, I find that shooting in full manual mode ALL the time is the only way that I am able to 99.9% of the time get the right exposure for each image.  Full manual mode (at least for me) means toggling/changing focus point, changing ISO as needed, changing aperture as desired and almost constantly adjusting my shutter speed with almost every image.  Yep…that’s a lot of different things to think about, but with practice, like with anything else…you can do it in your sleep.  HA!  And that also applies when I am shooting personal pics, too.  I’m a little bit of a control freak…I admit.  So manual mode, all the time, in 100% of the cases works best for me.  And when it comes to shooting in full sun, I would say that it is completely vital that you shoot in manual mode (especially if you are not using a flash, which I do not) to achieve the best images.   Opinions will vary, but I also don’t mind sun flare in your images.  Not in every image, of course, but I do love sun flare when shooting in full sun.  You can avoid flare and haze by the way you position your lens to the sun or throw on a lens hood to help avoid all haze, but I like to quickly have the option to have sun flare/haze or not.  You can see in this series of images that I took recently of this beautiful family at the beach, there are some images that have sun haze/flare and some do not.  The ones that do not were shot while myself and the subject were in the shade.  Some of them with flare were shot with myself and my subjects in full sun.  I also prefer to always face my subject to be in front of the bright sun and I face the sun so that the subject is more backlit.  Everyone likes different photograph styles.  This is just mine.  Some pros would argue that you should never have flare or haze in photographs, but this is why there are so many photographers out there with different styles who are equally as successful.  I personally don’t think one is right or wrong, it’s just what you like.  <3

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Beach Family Portraits Houston
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Alison Rowe

What a beautiful family! I absolutely adore the b&w image of the mother and baby! Great job Amy!

Maria Snider

Love this family session. The light is gorgeous!

Jill Gregory

I love the beach location. Fun to do something different! Gives a very relaxed feel to each photo.

Crystal C

Oh dear, just LOVE these

Meredith Janisch

OMG…these are beautiful!

Eight is Enough..??? | Houston Tx Family Photographer

Eight is Enough???…maybe or maybe not. :-)

Of course when this mom first contact me months before our session and she told me that she had six children, of course, one of the first things that popped in my head was that television show from (what seems like) an eternity ago.  Some of you will know which one I am talking about.  hehe

The show Eight is Enough, of course. The show only ran for a few years and it was not until it was in reruns that I watched it.

Anyway…some photographers might be taken back or nervous about photographing a large family, but I can honestly say that it does not phase me one bit.  I enjoy photographing families of all sizes.  One child or six…or eight…or even nineteen…no problem!  I’m your girl.  Okay…so if you have six or eight toddlers, I will likely bring an assistant….or maybe two (he! he!), but I would love to photograph your family!

Photographing older kids is really fantastic.  They are very easy in some ways, but it’s not as easy as you might think because older children tend to be more reserved during photos.  Ah…we all recall our own awkward teen years, right?  This family surprised me.  I like a surprise now and then.  :-)  Each of these children were so comfortable in front of the camera and were very accommodating when I wanted them to be a little silly.  They made the entire session just feel like pure fun…not work in the least.  And that was really cool!!  I really enjoyed the little glimpse into what it’s like with so many kiddos….never a dull moment, for sure, in this household.

houston tx baby photographershouston tx family photographerholiday portraits the woodlands

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Houston Tx Family Photographer
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courtney moore

What a fun session! This family looks like lots of fun. I love the silly faces and the one where they’re kissing mom :)

Cortney Ferguson

As a mommy of 4 young ones, I absolutely adore this shoot! I feel like the sweetness, chaos and craziness of a larger family was captured amidst the greatest thing which is love. More people, more love to go around :)

Colorful Baby Boy Photographs | Houston TX Baby Pictures

I am officially one of those photographer moms with like a thousand photographs already of my baby boy and he is only less than two months old now.  These photographs were actually taken a few weeks ago when he was officially four weeks old.  I’ve caught little smiles here and there, but this week was the first week where he was really beginning to respond to mine and his daddy’s voice.  This particular day I just caught him after a diaper change in a very good mood.  I mean, he is a relatively happy baby overall…but just like you and I, babies have highs and lows…of sorts.  And at this age each day is filled with new advances as I will call them.  Just like most babies, our little ‘bug-lit’ as I call him, is becoming his own little person and discovering himself and the world around him.  It’s so fun to watch and photograph, even though I am trying really hard to be a mom first and photographer second…meaning that I want to not miss the experience because I was taking photos, you know?  I want to find a happy balance between BEING in the moment and capturing the moment.  And furthermore, capturing the moment and not staging the moment.  The old me would have wanted to change his outfit before taking his pics, but most certainly I would have very likely missed the entire moment if I had done that.  And I admit that this particular, brightly colored striped onesie was not something I would have ever thought to dress him in for official pictures; I’m not giong to lie, there was a split second when I thought maybe I should change him real fast…but then I was like, that’s nuts!   As you mommy’s know oh too well, especially you photographer moms….when there is a photo moment, you better just grab your camera as fast as you can and just start snapping and hope that the moment has not fully passed.   blah. blag. blah.  This was one of those moments when our sweet boy was just kicking his legs, moving his arms and making all sorts of faces.  I was so happy to catch at least some of this milestone…and in the end I kinda liked the stripes on him.  As my mom said, ‘he looks so good in bright colors’.  :-)  I guess she was right.  Imagine that…mom being right.  HA!

And in case you are wondering….I purposely did not Photoshop my little guy’s face.  I prefer not to do to much Photoshopping at all on babies and kids.  I want to remember the little, what most would call, imperfections….like to keep it real like that.  Isn’t that what we love about our children…that they are perfectly imperfect…a lot like their parents.  <3

Houston TX Baby Pictures

This post is part of a 10 for 10 photographer link up circle.  Please head over to fellow photographer’s blog HERE and show her some love!:-)

 Houston TX Baby Pictures

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Hey Amy! I’m so glad you’re enjoying these first months with that adorable baby boy. He really is precious!!

He is so cute. I love his red hair. Beautiful pictures.

What a beautiful baby!! LOVE these images!

[…] take a moment to continue the circle HERE!  I’m so blessed and  honored to be a part of such a talented group of women… […]


Love him! Such a precious baby & I love his red hair!!

Oh I just LOVE seeing your baby boy in all these fabulous pictures. You are just going to love having all of these :) Beautiful!

He is such a cutie!! Welcome to being that mom with a camera 24/7 haha

Boys Will Be Boys | Houston Child Photographer

We didn’t have really any little boys in the family when I was young.  I have one sister and my cousins that I mentioned in the last post were all girls.  Come to think of it, I don’t recall any boy cousins that I was around at all.  The first little cousin that was a boy was my cousin Jared…who had two sisters.  ha.  I would babysit them when I was in college.  Sure, there were other boys born in the family, but not ones that I was around and there were many little boys at church and school, but that was different.  So…what’s the point?  hehe.  Well, it’s ironic now…after all these girls… that now my sister has a little boy….my cousin has a little boy and now we have our own little boy.  I guess it’s time for some more boys in our family.

No…this cutie below is not related to me, but as I not photograph boys, I’m trying to be much more in tune with the boy vibe because although the boys in our family are all under 3 right now…they are growing up very fast and I want be ready for what’s in store when it comes to boy ‘stuff’. :-)

I got to photograph this handsome fella here just a few weeks before our sweet baby boy was born.  Yes, I had many sessions even at the end of my pregnancy…what can I say…?  I love what I do.  Anyway, this young’n was a little shy at first.  I would say, from my experience, most boys being photographed are…even the teens.  But very quickly after some very silly talk from me, he slowly came out of his shell…and we had a really good time.  He even had a change of outfits, which I thought was really cute that he got to pick which he wanted to wear.  Kuddos to his momma for giving him the choice!!

Houston Child Photographer

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Houston Child Photographer

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This little boy is very photogenic. Adorable as well.

Meredith Janisch

Absolutely love the shot of the clouds in the background! So awesome!!!

Fun | Houston TX Maternity Photographer

Since having my own baby just weeks ago, I’ve been so sentimental about family.  These are a few shots I took of my cousin almost a year ago now while she was pregnant with my second cousin, a baby girl we call Rae.  I came across these photos in a recent computer file purge, that was very overdue and remembered how much I loved them and had not posted them to the blog.  I recall that day like it was yesterday.  We had planned on a nice, relaxed little maternity session with lovely weather.  But about 30 minutes into it….it came a terrible rain storm.  We didn’t get as many photos as I would have liked that day, but we still managed to get some really good ones, in particular of my cousin and her fabulous baby bump by the pool.  You can see some of those here:-)


My sweet baby boy and Rae (baby in the belly shown here:-)) will actually end up being in the same grade which will be fun.  They will grow up together and hopefully be friends.  Sure, if they were both boys or both girls, they would likely have much more in common, but we can hopefully at least enjoy them playing together for a few years before they each realize they are boy and girl.  hehe.

It’s nice having family close by.  I recall many wonderful holidays and summers shared with our extended family.  Over the years, as us kids grew up, we didn’t really get together as much as we should have.  However, recently, with new little people arriving, it is bringing us back together again and I’m so enjoying more family time these days.  It’s funny how babies so often bring people together.  Such lovely things….babies, that is.

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Houston TX Maternity Photographer
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I love this family photo session. Its hits close to home. I currently have an almost 14 month old daughter and a 23 month old daughter. I found out I was pregnant with Abby when Ally was only 14 months old! I can totally relate to the bonding experience a mom endures with a young toddler while very pregnant :-)

Vennessa Garner

I love the growing family…I am sure he cant wait to be a big brother.