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Being part of the underwater photography Texas community, for which there are very few of us so I’m learning, has been such a fun adventure the last couple of years.  What is likely one of my favorite parts of underwater kids photography is possibly a curse for the masses.  So much of the outcome of underwater images relies on a variety of things.  Lighting being one of the largest variables.  What I realized this last season was how different light is in the summer months compare to the Spring and Fall months.  Huge variations in the look and feel of the images. It’s still such a learning process for me. Even though I’ve shot so many underwater photo sessions than I can count, with each and every one, I feel like I learn something new.  One thing that will surprise most is that 99% of my images are shot in ONE, that is right, ONE pool.  Yet in that one pool, I have gotten a huge gamete of different light and color. This would drive many photographers crazy, not being fully able to control the outcome of every image, but for me, I love the bit of unknown and celebrate it. This offers my clients a very nice variety in their gallery, but nothing too wonky of course.  🙂

I have soooo many underwater images still waiting to be blogged, but hopefully I will be caught up soon….maybe by next year…but don’t hold your breath. hahaha.

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Family Photos Houston

Family Photos Houston: newborn, baby, child photography in Houston, The Heights, The Woodlands and Cypress

In the little world of family photography, one of the many parts of the job is being able to witness on a regular basis children interacting with their parents.  Rest assured (ha!), we have much interaction during our sessions.  You can ask any of my clients and they will tell you that a session with me will mean a lot of silliness with your kids.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I like a happy feel to my client’s galleries.  In order to achieve this, there is quite a bit of direction given.  It’s been referred to as organized chaos by my clients in the past and that really does sum up a session with me. <3 It’s the most beautiful orchestrated chaos and through such technique if we can call it that, we are able to get the most amazing images full of life!  Galleries filled with joy and happiness between kids and parents, these are the photographs that families will so enjoy to see over the years.  I know our own son who is just barely three, so loves and ackknowledges the family portraits we have displayed in our home.  Sure, he seems to like those images with only him, but he really, really seems to show the most interest with the photographs with him and his daddy, those with him and me and those with all three of us.  It is such sweetness to see and I want my clients to experience this too when their images are showcased in their homes.

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Whether or not you are seeking an indoor or outdoor session for your family photos this season, I would love to chat with you.  While my weekend appointments are booking up pretty quickly, I still have more availability during the weekdays.  The weather will be so very lovely soon and the holidays will be here in the blink of an eye, so be sure to contact me now if you are even considering a family photography session this year or next for that matter.  😉

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1st Birthday Photos Houston

1st Birthday Photos Houston: newborn, baby, child photography in Houston, The Heights, The Woodlands and Conroe

It’s been so lovely to photograph this sweet baby girl MANY since she was a newborn! Lucky me!  Wow, how time flies right as now she such a big girl.  The signs of ‘baby’ are fading oh too quickly.  We had a lovely morning documenting this beautiful child not too long ago at a nearby park.  Her amazing mom and dad were along to help get the best faces!  She has such a sweet personality as you can see!  It is so fun to catch a variety of looks of my subjects.  Sure, I’m a sucker for smiles, so I really make a point to get as many of those as possible. However, I do get many gorgeous non-smiley shots too in order to offer moms as much variety as I can in the time we have together.

If you are looking for candid style, more natural photographs with not too much ‘fuss’, then please consider me for your family photos this year!

My weekends for Fall and Winter 2016 are filling up fast! Please contact me now if you want to get a slot for this season!

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Woodlands Family Photographer

Woodlands Family Photographer: newborn, baby, child photography in Houston, The Heights, The Woodlands and Conroe

So thinking about this most amazing momma and her now three kiddos…I thought it appropriate to share with you all this funny article I read over at the Huffington Post.

With your first pregnancy, everyone had words of wisdom and wouldn’t shut up about how life was going to change. How come no one has words of wisdom about how parenthood changes with each baby? Things are so different with the third, and here are some examples.

1. Parenting Style:
Kid No. 1: You spend hours of your day staring at your baby and smelling her head.
Kid No. 2: You spend hours of your day being a referee to yet another one of their fights.
Kid No. 3: You spend hours of your day away from the kids, hiding in the bathroom or closet.

2. Date Night:
Kid No. 1: It takes you 20 minutes to say goodbye to your baby, and once you leave, you call to check in five times. In the first hour
Kid No. 2: You blow your kids kisses from the door and tell the sitter you’ll keep your cell phone on.
Kid No. 3: Leave specific instructions to only call if there’s a broken bone or blood.

3. Choosing a Name:
Kid No. 1: You research names on hundreds of sites and books, write out all possible combinations, and get opinions from friends and family.
Kid No. 2: Might as well name this one after grandma/grandpa. Arthur or Bea are fine.
Kid No. 3: On the way home from the hospital, you pass a street that looks pretty and decide to go with that: Berkeley it is!

4. Going Out:
Kid No. 1: Mommy and Me, My Gym, Music and Me, you name it, you’re signed up for it.
Kid No. 2: The park is really nice, why should you spend all that money?
Kid No. 3: The poor kid goes to the bank, the grocery store and some days, the liquor store.

5. Clothing:
Kid No. 1: Plus sign on the pregnancy stick! Time to shop for maternity clothes!
Kid No. 2: Where did you pack away those maternity clothes? Meh, doesn’t matter, you’re holding out as long as you can.
Kid No. 3: “Regular” clothes? What’re those? You only wear maternity stuff these days. And the baby is 2.

6. Your Kid’s Clothing:
Kid No. 1: Everything is brand new, washed in delicate soap and properly folded and put away in the matching dresser or hung on color-coordinated hangers.
Kid No. 2: Hand-me-downs are washed and haphazardly checked for stains.
Kid No. 3: It’s cool if boys wear purple polka dots, right?

7. Parenting Style, Part II:
Kid No. 1: Race to pick up the baby whenever she cries, whimpers or blinks.
Kid No. 2: Race to pick up the baby so he doesn’t wake up kid No. 1.
Kid No. 3: Did anyone hear that? Is anyone going to help the baby? [Someone goes to nudge the baby swing with their foot.]

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Family Photos Houston

Family Photos Houston: newborn, baby, child photography in Houston, The Heights, The Woodlands

We are coming into what many would call ‘the most wonderful time of the year’.  Yes, it most certainly is.  The welcoming of cooler temps and all things ‘holiday’ is among us. It is the best reminder of the most precious things to us.  The first that pops to mind is family and friends.  What better way to celebrate the season than to have some amazing, professional images taken of your family. 😉  Seems like a grand idea, right?

While it may seem a little early for such agenda items, rest assured, the calendar is becoming pretty full for Captured Simplicity Photography.  So, if you want to get your top choice for dates, please don’t delay in contacting me!

How about this beautiful family! I got to photograph this sweet baby girl as a newborn and now have had the privilege to photograph her again as she is now not so much a baby.  Love these guys!
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