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From the first time I met this mom to be (at the time she was still pregnant with this precious gift) I knew within moments of chatting with her that she was so genuine and real. It was pretty clear that she and I would be fast friends.  So often these days if I’m hired to photograph a child, I really heavily encourage mom and/or dad to get in a few shots.  I mean, why not?  Most of the time moms will humor me and get in some of the photos.  This particular session, grandma had come along for Miss B’s 1st birthday shoot and both mom and I agreed that grandma should most certainly get in a few of the photographs.  It did take some extra convincing, but we succeed (had to tag team her. hehe) but man, how pleased will grandma be with the photos with her with her one and only granddaughter!!  <3  So very happy I’m sure!  I mean, just look at these images with grandma!

Don’t forget, I’m scheduling already for October and November 2016!  I will only be taking full family sessions and newborn sessions in December due to the photos with Santa that I will be offering two weekends in December.  Please stay tuned for more info on those sessions soon!

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Newborn Portraits In Home Houston

Newborn Portraits In Home Houston.  It is nothing new really.  While there are many studios out there where you can go with your family for photographs, I prefer to photograph the smallest children in the most comfortable setting which in my option is your home.  No worry about rounding everyone up in the car with all the million items that are needed when you have a newborn baby.  Instead, you are able to just relax in the comfort of your own home and then I come and document this most emotional and exciting time.

I know what you are thinking.  I will need to have my home spotless before our session.  On the contrary, I’m able to work my magic pretty much around whatever is happening at your home.  Now, that may involve moving a few things, which I’m more than happy to often do myself to clear a good spot for us.  Fear not…you need not do anything except for have your family fed and even choosing your clothes can happen once I arrive and I’m always happy to help you decide if you are not sure.  No worries momma.  This is my motto before and during our photography sessions.  It’s likely impossible to have zero stress considering the circumstances, but really I can’t express enough how you do not need a ‘designer’ home for a really wonderful in home photo session.  And you don’t need a newborn for an indoor session at your home.  I offer regular child and families sessions at your home as well.  I’d love to discuss with you that option if you’d not considered such before.

Enough business rambling…how about this amazing family! <3

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Houston Twin Photographer

I would not actually call myself a Houston Twin Photographer, per say. While I have photographed a handful of twins over the years, it is not the norm for me. I suppose it could be because while twins have become much more common in recent years, multiples are still make up a very small portion of births in the world.  Did you know that the rate of twin births in the United States reached a record high in 2014, according to an annual report released  by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Health Statistics. There were 33.9 twins born for every 1,000 births in 2014. Did you know that up to 22 percent of twins are left-handed. In the non-twin population the number is just under 10 percent.  Identical twins exhibit almost identical brain wave patterns.  Twins and multiples have been know to develop their own ‘language’ that only they understand. This is known as cryptophasia or idioglossia.
The average time between the delivery of the first and second twin is 17 minutes.  Just a few interesting tidbits on the subject of multiples.  😉

I met this momma, her most precious boys and their grandma for the first time at my Santa sessions last year.  I was thrilled beyond measure when she contacted me to photograph her boys and her for their first birthday.  We had such a great time and I even convinced grandma to get in a couple of shots. 🙂 <3

Momma was so thrilled to have one of her images from this session featured in Twins Magazine, the June 2016 edition which may be found here.

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Underwater Photography Texas

Being part of the underwater photography Texas community, for which there are very few of us so I’m learning, has been such a fun adventure the last couple of years.  What is likely one of my favorite parts of underwater kids photography is possibly a curse for the masses.  So much of the outcome of underwater images relies on a variety of things.  Lighting being one of the largest variables.  What I realized this last season was how different light is in the summer months compare to the Spring and Fall months.  Huge variations in the look and feel of the images. It’s still such a learning process for me. Even though I’ve shot so many underwater photo sessions than I can count, with each and every one, I feel like I learn something new.  One thing that will surprise most is that 99% of my images are shot in ONE, that is right, ONE pool.  Yet in that one pool, I have gotten a huge gamete of different light and color. This would drive many photographers crazy, not being fully able to control the outcome of every image, but for me, I love the bit of unknown and celebrate it. This offers my clients a very nice variety in their gallery, but nothing too wonky of course.  🙂

I have soooo many underwater images still waiting to be blogged, but hopefully I will be caught up soon….maybe by next year…but don’t hold your breath. hahaha.

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Family Photos Houston

Family Photos Houston: newborn, baby, child photography in Houston, The Heights, The Woodlands and Cypress

In the little world of family photography, one of the many parts of the job is being able to witness on a regular basis children interacting with their parents.  Rest assured (ha!), we have much interaction during our sessions.  You can ask any of my clients and they will tell you that a session with me will mean a lot of silliness with your kids.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I like a happy feel to my client’s galleries.  In order to achieve this, there is quite a bit of direction given.  It’s been referred to as organized chaos by my clients in the past and that really does sum up a session with me. <3 It’s the most beautiful orchestrated chaos and through such technique if we can call it that, we are able to get the most amazing images full of life!  Galleries filled with joy and happiness between kids and parents, these are the photographs that families will so enjoy to see over the years.  I know our own son who is just barely three, so loves and ackknowledges the family portraits we have displayed in our home.  Sure, he seems to like those images with only him, but he really, really seems to show the most interest with the photographs with him and his daddy, those with him and me and those with all three of us.  It is such sweetness to see and I want my clients to experience this too when their images are showcased in their homes.

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Whether or not you are seeking an indoor or outdoor session for your family photos this season, I would love to chat with you.  While my weekend appointments are booking up pretty quickly, I still have more availability during the weekdays.  The weather will be so very lovely soon and the holidays will be here in the blink of an eye, so be sure to contact me now if you are even considering a family photography session this year or next for that matter.  😉

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