Houston Texas Family Photography: newborn, baby, child photography in Houston, The Heights, The Woodlands

I’m so biased about this family! I adore these kids so much.  Mostly because their mom and I have actually become dear friends over the years.  I’ve had the glorious opportunity to photograph them so many times I’ve lost count.  Watching these precious little people grow has just been so sweet.  Seeing them basically become little adults..hehe…and witnessing their personalities become so unique.

We had such fun during this shoot.  This was a little secret spot that this momma told me about.  Mom loves all things modern, so this spot was oh so very fitting.  And in perfect form for this family, they were dressed to perfection.

Let’s just talk for a second about clothes for your session. First and foremost, I want my clients to be dressed in their own clothes.  For the style of photography I do, this is just the best option.  For me, I want you and your family to look like themselves and to be themselves during our photo shoot!  Also, coordinating and not ‘matching’ is ideal…I mean, unless you are twins, which is cool for occasional matching.  😉  I mean, would you go out to dinner with your kids and everyone be wearing the same thing?  I doubt it unless it was for Halloween or a joke. ha!  If you need direction for what to wear for a photo shoot, I have lots of ideas here.   Be sure to check it out!


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Newborn Photographers Houston Texas

As one of the Newborn Photographers Houston Texas, most every newborn photo session I’ve done has been indoors.  Mostly because it’s either just too darn hot out, or it’s too cold or there are mosquitoes, or rain, etc.  And since babies come year round, it is often just easier to have newborn pictures done indoors.  However, recently I really was itching to do a newborn session outdoors…and in a more unconventional location.  I was thrilled when this sweet momma said she was willing to have her baby boy’s newborn photography session outside.  Upon arrival to our location, it was actually sprinkling outside and I was quite nervous if we would be able to do it.  I can’t even begin to tell you how cool this family is and they were willing to just go for it, mist and all.  Lucky for all, shortly after we began, the rain subsided and actually the weather ended up being so very pleasant out.  Not too hot, not too cold, no rain and no bugs!  YAY!  I’m so pleased with these images and would love to do more outdoor newborn photos.  So if you might want to have one, please be sure to mention it when contacting me!

houston newborn photographerthe woodlands family photographerhouston child photographerNewborn Photographers Houston Texas

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Family Photographer Woodlands: newborn, baby, child photography in Houston, The Heights, The Woodlands

As an adopted child myself, it means even more to get to celebrate with parents who have grown their families through adoption.

This is my second time to photograph this adorable family of five.  They were due for some photos since the last session with them was when baby sister was literally just a baby.  <3  I’m so thankful clients will oblige to my craziness during sessions.  If you are looking for photographs of your family that scream happiness and joy, then pretty much I’m your gal.  And you can’t be turned off by ‘funny’ faces or everyone not looking at the camera for every shot, because my completed galleries are much more diverse.  I want you to have a true ‘collection’ of images.  I want my clients to look back years from now with their children and feel the photographs truly showcase and celebrate everyone’s personality.  Let’s be clear, my style of photography is not for everyone.  And that’s totally okay!  Choosing the right photographer for your family is so important.  Looking through a photographers portfolio and making sure before you book that the photographer work is something you like is so important.  I’d much rather someone not book me than to book me with the impression I will offer completely different kinds of images than what my portfolio shows.

 So enough business rambling from me. ha! How about this gorgeous family!  Had such a blast with them again!

Family Photographer The Woodlandschild photographer houston© Captured Simplicity Photography

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Houston Family Photographer: newborn, baby, child, & underwater photography in Houston, The Heights, West University, The Woodlands

When I think about being a Houston Family Photographer, I often get just a wee bit sentimental.  While I may have lost count quite some time ago the number of families I’ve had the opportunity to photograph, it will never change how attached I feel to many of my clients.  This dear, sweet family is just one of those!  I had to privilege to meet this crew when momma was pregnant with baby sister.  We met at a local park in Houston which offered us more of a ‘forest’ look.  I remember this gorgeous momma wearing this amazing red, fitted dress and then of course, big brother to be was looking so stinkin’ adorable.  Dad was handsome, too.  Anyways, fast forward a bit.  I got to photograph them as a new family of four after baby sister was born and then got to see them again to document these most precious kiddos growing so fast!  I enjoy not only seeing how they have physically changed, but also how their little personalities are really shining so bright.

For this session, we met at a new location for me which was suggested by mom.  What a stellar spot it was.  Not only offering a lot of green space, but also a bit of water feature and a hint of urban flare.  🙂  I’m always game for trying new locations for shoots.  So if you have a spot you think will work, please, by all means, share with me.  I really enjoy shooting at different places to keep my images fresh.  Also, shooting at different locations offers my client’s the chance to have each of their galleries be more unique.  Who doesn’t want to be a little more unique?

Okay..enough blabbing from me.  How about this fab family!!?? Are they so cute or what? 😉

houston family photographysweet children get family pictures taken in the woodlands texassiblings having fun in downtown houston

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baby photographer Houston: newborn, baby, child, family & underwater photography in Houston, The Heights, West University, The Woodlands

I recall so vividly many of my sessions from years past.  Maybe because I’m very much a visual person.  I can remember meeting this sweet baby boy’s mommy and daddy a few years back to do their engagement photos.  They were such sports as I had them in a bunch of wildflowers and then at this very cool, plush spot with a HUGE, very old oak tree of which was recently bulldozed for some apartments to be built.  🙁   That’s another rant for which I will just keep to myself.  ha!

Anyway, this guys parents were quite smitten with each other as they were preparing for their wedding at Disneyland in California.  Such fun, right?  Well, let’s fast forward a few years and they recently welcomed this bundle of joy into their lives.  I was thrilled when Mr. K’s momma reached out to me for his 100 day photographs.  Is he such a handsome guy or what?  <3

As you can see, for these milestone sessions, I keep to my normal ‘simple’ setup.  As a baby photographer Houston, I prefer to focus on the baby.  I do not use a bunch of props which I personally feel distract from the subject.  For me, your precious little ones have an abundance of beauty that will ensure the photographs shine.  We don’t need fancy backdrops or expensive clothes.  Just your most lovely little one is just perfect on their own, don’t you think?

happy little boy birthday photos

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