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Being a Houston Family Photography professional the last almost 7 years now has taught me so much.  One of the most benefitical things I have learned is to be a little more flexible with lighting conditions.  While I would really prefer not to shoot when the sun is it’s highest, I’ve been able to work in a much wider variety of light over the years.

This particular morning I had a beach session in Galveston, Texas.  I only get to shoot in Galveston a few times a year, but I do enjoy it when I do.  This family was part of an extended family session (of which I will share more of at some point) and we decided to meet in the morning for some really yummy, warm sunshine.  If we are being honest, the sunrise this morning came much more quickly and more bright than I had expected.  As well as during our session which was about an hour in length, the sun was going in and out beyond the clouds, which certainly does not make it ‘easy’ for me, but as I’ve learned, you must be able to work with many different scenarios in photography.  I feel confident that we were able to get some really lovely shots.  What do you think?

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Woodlands Family Photography

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Oh dear Charlotte.  I recall when you were still in your momma’s tummy.  Seems like just yesterday.  Actually, I remember very clearly when your big brother was a newborn.  Knowing this sweet family has been such a joy for me.  We sure living in the city for a while, then yearning for more space in the burbs.  This family took it even further and built the most stunning home on some property not too far from where our family ended up.  Funny how things work out.

What is also so very cool is that Miss C’s momma has become quite the sewer and started her own company recently.  She makes the most adorable little dresses, custom shorts and shirt outfits and also offers one of a kind t-shirts for the entire family.  You should most certainly check out her website http://www.birdieandjune.com.  Seriously, she has made such strides in her craft in such a short amount of time! I would love to see it grow more for her!

And how precious is Miss Charlotte here.  We had to bribe her with some snacks during our session, but this is REAL life, right?  So glad her mom appreciates and cherishes the joys of childhood, which includes lots of fruit gummies. <3

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Underwater Maternity

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Yes it is late October and I’m sharing underwater pics. But hey, we live in good ‘ole Texas and it’s still in the 80’s and my pool is heated. ;-) So while I am not currently taking underwater kids clients, I am still taking underwater maternity clients.  So this post is still fitting.

This amazing momma came to me from a several hour long drive. This was seriously so humbling for me that she would have come so far for me to photograph her. Sure, I am honored and feel special when each of my clients hire me, but when someone makes a point to come from a place geographically so far away, I admit, I’m extra tickled pink. She did amazing don’t you think? So worth the drive. <3

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Family Photographer Woodlands Texas

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The glorious days of childhood.  I mean, there are most certainly days where I’d love to be so carefree again.  Then reality hits me and I think, man, I love life right now! Although the days seem long and the years fast, or so the saying goes, becoming a parent has most certainly been an amazing experience.  Sure, life through the eyes of a child are magical, but to witness and experience life WITH your child is well, something I don’t think anyone could ever accurately describe with words.   The joys of watching your little one grow…well, that is beyond magical.

The photographs I take for families are not just for us.  Sure, maybe they are for us moms the most, but rest assured they are for our children too.  Not only are they for our children to cherish in the future, they will treasure them NOW!  I see how our son responds to the photos with just him on our walls and how he responds to the photos that include him with me and/or his dad.  I can tell you that he is the most response (by a landslide) to the images with us in them with him.  He is only three, but there is something out him seeing us WITH him in photos that really seems to impact him the most.

Having photos taken with your children is something to enjoy now and forever.  Not to sound all wishy washy.  It is just the truth.  Being able to see the love and emotion in your images; for your images to really speak to those who look at them…this is what I want to offer my clients.

Had such a blast with this family of three!  I so enjoy sessions where my clients are as (if not more) enthusiastic about having their photos done than me taking them. Such was this amazing family!  So glad they chose me to document this season in their life with their precious son.

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Spring Texas Family Photographer

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As a Spring Texas Family Photographer, I’m super lucky to meet a lot of great folks! What a glorious morning this was!  I have a photographer friend who shoots a lot of morning sessions and she had said so many times over how much she loved morning light.  I admit, I do not book a whole lot of morning sessions for reasons unknown to me really.  I’m a morning person myself, but I suppose many are not. ha!

Anyways, back to morning sessions…it got me to thinking.  I shoot all times of the day pretty much, but I did recently recognize I wanted to book more morning sessions.  So I decided to offer a much lower priced morning session in Spring, Texas this season to see if I might could convince more folks to book in the mornings with me.  What is nice about the morning is that often times your children are in the best of moods.  Who doesn’t like a good mood for pics?  ;-)  Now mom and dad might have to have a cup (or two) of coffee on the way, but hey, if we can get easy and joyful kiddos, then it is all worth it!  So if you think you might could be persuaded to head out to Spring for a morning session with me during a weekday, please check out my pricing/invesment page for details on such a session.  Or if you just are like, no way can I do a morning session that’s ok too!  There are many other hours in the day to accommodate what time is best for you and your family!  Message me! Let’s chat and get your family photo session scheduled!

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