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Always a joy to get to photograph grandparents into a photo shoot!  Such was the case for this family photography session in Houston recently.  I’ve been so lucky over the years to have had extended family participate in photographs a number of times.  Yes, it is often quite challenging getting the extra people together for photos, but rest assured that having such treasured memories of your parents with your child…well, worth it!

For the many of you who do not have extended family nearby, don’t let the time pass for you to have your immediate family portraits done.  Trust me when I tell you…seeing your child’s adoration and happiness in a photo WITH you is one that will be treasured the most by your child when they are older!  You may enjoy the photographs now, but they will be for your children and their families yet to come!  Just do it!  😉 Get in the pics mommas!

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Family Photography Houston

{ newborn, baby, child photography in Houston, The Heights, The Woodlands, Spring, Tomball and Conroe }

What a glorious morning this was!  The light was simply heavenly!  Within only a few moments of meeting this family for the first time, I knew our photo session was going to be stellar!

With these three kiddos…who had the most hilarious personalities, as you can see, we had a blast!  These guys were pretty much game for anything!  YAY for me! 🙂

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Family Photography Houston
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{ newborn, baby, child photography in Houston, The Heights, The Woodlands, Spring, Tomball and Conroe }

What is in a name?  Well, so much really.  One of the unfortunate sides to having your children later in life is that all of your favorite baby names are often taken by friends or family.  Such is the case with me right now as we recently learned we were having a little girl and my most favorite names are being used by my sweet friends.  While you might be thinking, well if you love a name, just use it regardless of who you know who has already used it, but I just can’t.  We prefer to choose a name that is not necessarily on the most popular list, but something still fairly traditional and even a bit old fashioned.  For example, one of my all time favorite girl names was Emma, which is not the name of one of my dearest friend’s daughter.  Another top pick of mine over the years was Lilly…which of course is the name of my other sweet friends’s daughter.  I also always loved the name Sofia, but over the last 8-10 years or so, I’ve come to know a handful of Sofias.  One of the other names I always loved were Olivia for a girl…which leads me to this precious baby girl whose name is Olivia.  Such a fun morning to spend with her and her momma, capturing her joy and through photographs.  One of the many pieces I enjoy when I photograph kids is being able to get a wide array of faces that kids make.  Whether that be more serious faces, funny faces or just smily faces.  I love them all and want my client’s galleries to radiate the full array of their precious child’s personality.

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As a Houston Family Photographer, I mostly keep my site fresh and updated.  However, there are sporadic times that call my focus to more important areas.  As you may or may not have noticed, my little site has been quite neglected for a couple of months while I was focused on, well…taking care of my clients and enjoying my family over the holidays.

Over the next few months I will be sharing with you glimpses of the many photos sessions that I have done and have not had the time to ‘show off’ here.  Rest assured, there are so many incredible images for you to all see very soon!

For today, we have some super fun, personal news to share with the you all!itsagirlvecchionew

A bit of a silly announcement I through together.  I spent like weeks trying to think of something real cute and creative, but then ran out of time and had nothing. ha! So I decided to just be candid and basic…and came up with this holiday card.  Which actually never got sent in print because I was too behind on it.  I know, shame on me.  But hey, this is why we have Facebook, right?  Great for those us procrastinators.  hahaha!

What does this mean exactly…for my clients.  Not too much other than I will not be booking any sessions in May or June 2017; taking a limited number of sessions in July and August to prepare for full schedule openings come September.  I will be offering a big incentive to those who choose to book a session with me at my choice of location in Spring, Texas.  See my pricing page for details. 😉

I’m currently booking sessions for February, March and April 2017, including limited (off season) underwater sessions.

Looking forward to an outstanding 2017!


Houston Family Photographer

{ newborn, baby, child photography in Houston, The Heights, The Woodlands, Spring, Tomball and Conroe }

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Spring Texas Family Photographer

 { newborn, baby, child photography in Houston, The Heights, The Woodlands, Spring, Tomball and Conroe }

This was another family which was part of an extended family photo session in Galveston I shot this year. What a glorious morning for warm, summer light. 🙂

Morning light is so very different from the evening light.  The sun comes up over the water which is so nice. In the evenings at sunset, the sun sets on the opposite side, which is mostly residential properties.  Sunset and sunrise offer totally different looks, so depending upon the look you have in mind, let’s chat and we can determine what is best for your beach session. 😉

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