Santa is coming to town again this year we are so very excited to be offering private photo sessions with him!

Mark your calendars!  Sessions will be held in Spring, Texas.

Saturday, November 19th

Saturday, December 3d

Saturday, December 10th

This was just one of the many fantastic images from last year’s photos with Santa.  For 2016, I have a new background planned for these sessions.  Don’t worry, it will be just as lovely! 😉

We had such an amazing time last year.  I learned lots and hope to make this year an even better and more wonderful experience (if that is possible, hehe)!  I sure hope you can make it!

FOR THOSE WHO PRE-BOOKED (paid in full) last December, PLEASE email me the date you want and then you’ll be receiving an email from me on Sept. 26th to get priority pick of your time slot.



What’s included:

-up to 1o minutes of time to chat and get to know Santa

8 digital files with print release

Limited spots available!


To secure your photo session with Santa, please email me which date you prefer at

Session fee must be paid in full and is non refundable.

Session includes 2 children.  Each additional child, please add $15.00 per child.

Once fee is paid, you’ll be added to the time-slot email list which will be emailed out on Monday, October 3d in order for you to secure an exact time slot on the day you have chosen.

There will be morning, afternoon and early evening sessions available and will be confirmed first to respond to the time-slot email.

8.25 sales tax is added to all sessions.

In Home Family Photography

In Home Family Photography { newborn, baby, child photography in Houston, The Heights, The Woodlands and Conroe }

Choosing what kind of photography session you want can be a little or a lot overwhelming.  Trust me, even a professional doing this for a few years now, for my own photos I am at times indecicive.  So I get it.  I think you have to ask yourself what is most important to you.  Everyone is different, but I can only speak for myself really on this subject.  For me, the most important thing for me when I think of my own family photos, which I do on at least a yearly basis, is that the photographs captured emotion and connection between myself and our son, our son and his daddy and then all of us together.  Yes, I want to wear clothing that is ascetically pleasing and flattering. Yes, I would like for the background of our photos to be at the very least pleasant and non distracting.  I want my images to be ‘clean’ and bright, which to me means that whites are white and blacks are black.  There is no ‘trendy’ coloring on the image. I don’t want my images to look washed out or too dark.  I prefer them to look as real to life as possible.  It seems such that the vast majority of my clients as a whole feel the same way I do about their images.  What I want for my family images is what I want for my client’s family photos.

Does what I have described sound like what would be important to you as well?  Then I would say, I’d be a great option to be your family photographer.  No fuss, true to life, happy, bright photography. That’s me. 😉

Now to this family below. Last time I had the privilege to photograph their family they were a family of four.  I was so happy to photograph them again recently as they are celebrating the new addition of a precious baby girl to their crew.  I can’t think of a more splendid time for photographs than when a family grows and evolves.  Oh such fun!  How precious are they!!??  <3


© Captured Simplicity Family Photography Houston Texas

Houston Family Photos { newborn, baby, child photography in Houston, The Heights, The Woodlands and Conroe }

A photography session with me means lots of activity. I love life and lots of it in the photographs I take for you, my client!  I want nothing less than your gallery to be filled with a taste of the joy and happiness your child or children have brought to you.  I make a real effort to get at least a few smiles and ideally a funny face or two. What really makes me happy is when I can also capture the interaction between parent and child.  I think it is why I love photographing parents with their children so much because that bond is so very unique and special.  Sure, I photograph my fair share of children without their parents.  Those sessions are so fun and wonderful in their own right, but trust me when I tell you the most treasured photographs your children will have when they are grown will be those photographs with mom and dad.  So please don’t be afraid to get into the photographs at least once in a while mom and dad!  You will not regret it!


© Captured Simplicity Houston Family Photographer 2016

 Family Pictures Houston

{ newborn, baby, child photography in Houston, The Heights, The Woodlands and Conroe }

So while a couple of posts back we were talking about Grandma being in the shots….I had another session a while back where grandma got in on the fun!  How sweet right?

So I’m just planting the seed here…Grandma’s if you have found your way to my blog, why not consider a photo session with your most precious grand baby or grand babies, for that matter. What a treasure these images will be for this grandma now and for this precious baby girl when she is older!

I so often now think of my grandmothers. One of which I never got to meet as she passed away before I came to my parents.  The other I did have the joy of knowing for a bit. Unfortunately, it was not until later in life that I have regretted not getting to know that grandmother more while I had the chance.  As is the case far too often than we want to admit, as a youth I truly took for granted my grandmother still being with us.  Ah…to have even just another day with her.  All the questions I would love to ask her.  Instead, I at least have my parents still to pass on what I missed about them and try to truly cherish that as long as it lasts.

Family Pictures Houstonhouston family photographersbaby photographer houstonhouston texas family portraitsheights family photographer houston


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Child Photographer Houston, yep, that is what I am amongst many things. ha!

 { newborn, baby, child photography in Houston, The Heights, The Woodlands and Conroe }

So I’ve known this family since momma was pregnant with big brother shown here.  I was actually scheduled to photograph his birth.  However, he decided to make his way into this world extra early.  Instead of photographing his birth, we ended up taking his photograph every three months beginning with newborn photographs.  In doing such, as you can imagine, I got to know his momma pretty well and his dad too actually as he was around for most of our photo sessions.  Fast forward years later and I’m elated to be able to document baby sister’s milestones every 4 months which began as her a newborn.  This was her 4 month session and we had to get big brother D in on the fun.  What was most hilarious was that baby sister was not really having much of the attention as you can see. haha.  Don’t you love when at even such a young age, we can pretty much tell what a child is ‘saying’ by just the faces they make.  And this gal is full of faces especially when brother is around with his shenanigans.

Can you tell I’m loving more b&w images these days?  Well, I am.  So much so that basically every session will be getting not only all their final images in color, but also in b&w.  Let it be known, that not all b&w processes are created equal.  Trust me on this.  So it pained me to think of my clients who maybe wanted an image to be b&w to have it auto processed with what ever printer they had chosen.  I want to ensure not only my color images are top notch, but the black and white images are as well.  Yay, more photos for you mom!


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